How to Be A Professional Binge Watcher

I would call myself a professional binge watcher because I have managed to keep a GPA I am proud of, get 8 hours of sleep a night, and have never missed a class all while keeping up with all my shows. I didn’t realize that it was harder for other people to keep up with their shows until my friends were so surprised that I was able to watch the number of shows I do. I decided to share my knowledge with some tips and tricks on how to be a professional binge watcher.

STEP 1: Organize all the TV shows you watch and want to watch.

For example, I will show you my TV Show breakdown. (Shows in italics have finished but I included them to show you all the shows I was watching at one point)



DC Legends of Tomorrow

The Bachelor

Big Brother


The Flash



Jane the Virgin

Big Brother






Big Brother


No shows



Big Brother

Game of Thrones

These are the examples of all the shows that I watch that are currently on air (or were) and I was watching them and keeping up with all the episodes. I have all the apps and I know which days they come on so I can watch them live or wait until the next day when they are on the apps. The shows were often ones that I could watch while doing other things. That is what I suggest you do to maximize your time and brings me into Step 2.


STEP 2: Organize the shows that you can watch while doing other things.

Here are some examples of things you can do while watching these shows.

  • Brushing your teeth (you're just staring in the mirror anyway, why not get a few minutes of a TV in)

  • Writing an essay (I personally can multitask and watched the bachelor while writing all the essays I had for class)

  • While you are doing laundry

  • While you are walking to class (This gets hard with the sun)

  • Doing your skincare routine

  • Eating a meal

  • Waiting for a meeting

The goal is not to let a second go to waste.

I also keep up with youtube videos with this technique. I am an avid youtube watcher and subscribe to many youtube channels so I keep up with them by watching them while doing the things above.

Then comes the shows that I can’t watch while doing other things because they require my full attention. These shows I set a time to watch. This is where I find that it becomes based on the person. TV is important to me so I put it in my planner and in my schedule to watch certain TV shows. Which leads into Step 3.


STEP 3: Plan to watch TV Shows

This may be hard if you don’t value TV as much as I do, but making time to watch TV helps. On most nights when I am done with all my HW, I put on some PJ’s and hop into bed and watch the TV shows that are in this special group. Some examples of these shows are….

The Punisher

On My Block


Queer Eye


How to Get Away With Murder

The Office

Criminal Minds

And there is so much more I am forgetting because I already finished them and

I am also rewatching How I Met Your Mother  


These are the tips I have about being a professional binge watcher. I know I talked mainly about TV shows but I also use this technique for movies. It is what works for me and keeps me updated. As I am writing this essay right now I just finished Jane the Virgin and am currently watching Riverdale. It is just so ingrained in me. Well, I hope this helped someone. HAPPY WATCHING!!!