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HC Conn Writers' Favorite Fall Traditions

There’s something about fall-- especially in New England -- that just makes it a fun season to celebrate. The cool, tepid weather, the orange-colored leaves, and Halloween looming in the near future. Plus, fall-themed outings, food, and Halloween-themed pop culture is just next level; no other season can truly compete. There are so many ways to enjoy the season, but this is what our writers love to do, and how we’re adapting our fall traditions to COVID.

  1. 1. Pumpkin Carving

    "Perhaps one of my favorite Halloween/Fall traditions is carving pumpkins. Ever since I was little, my dad and I would visit our local farmstand and pick two huge pumpkins or gourds to carve. We spent time sketching out potential face ideas, and debating which orientation suited each pumpkin or gourd best. While at college, I have participated in pumpkin carving events as well as purchased miniature pumpkins to decorate by myself or with friends. This year in particular is a great time to embrace this ~basic tradition as it is an activity which can be socially distant with your floormates. You could pick up a few small pumpkins from Target or the grocery store and either decorate with Sharpies, or safe blades. Send us your creations @hercampusconn!" - Elizabeth Berry ‘21

  2. 2. Watching Halloween Movies

    "My favorite Halloween tradition is watching spooky movies with my sister.  I am terrified of real horror movies and refuse to watch any of them, even if they are fitting for the season.  My preferred spooky movies to watch are whatever’s on Disney that night for “Disney’s 31 Nights of Halloween.”  Although the movies are targeted for a much younger audience, they are still very fun and enjoyable to watch (at least for me).  My favorite is definitely “Halloweentown.”  Almost every fall my sister and I would pick a weekend before Halloween and binge the entire quartet.  We would eat a bunch of Halloween candy, Reeses’ being our favorite, and enjoy the cozy, nostalgic movies." - Sarah Hennig '24

  3. 3. Baking Pumpkin Bread

    "My favorite fall tradition, although there are a few to pick from, would have to be baking pumpkin bread. For as long as I can remember, this recipe has been in the family and it is a clear sign of fall when I start to smell it wafting through the house. It was the first recipe my mom taught me when I was little so it always feels nostalgic and reminds me of home. The homemade treat has become well known to friends and family who are usually gifted with a loaf or a few chocolate chip pumpkin muffins each year. There is nothing like baking with family in the warmth of the kitchen on a crisp fall day. My sister, dad and I lick the batter from the bowl, arguably the best part of the baking process, as we wait for the pumpkin bread to come out of the oven. It is always delicious, seasonal baking is always a must!" - Sophie Zakin '24

  4. 4. Listening to Acoustic and Folk Music

    "I wouldn’t call this a tradition per se, but I notice that, when the leaves start to change and the temperature begins to drop, my music taste changes accordingly. Something about indie folk, acoustic, or blues rock music really gets me in the spirit of the fall season. Some of my favorite musical artists that get extra air time in the fall include Noah Reid, Hozier, Alabama Shakes, and Tall Heights." - Samantha Barth ‘21

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