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We’ve all heard of TheJarr by now, she’s taken over our Tik Tok fyp, influenced our in’s and out’s and given us sets of rules for every occasion. She has rules for each day of the week, and this Monday, Kendall and I decided to follow these rules. Read below to see how well we followed her rules!

  1. We’re up at 7

Monday morning, both Kendall and I have a 9am class, so each Monday we have to be up early. Kendall woke up closer to 6, such a girl boss, while I woke up at 8:15–I needed the extra hour. Together we averaged a 7am wake up, exactly what The Jarr calls for. 

  1. Oatmeal or eggs

After our 9am, Kendall and I met up at JA dining hall and each got a bowl of oatmeal. We topped it with coconut flakes, granola, and an excessive amount of chocolate chips. Although this isn’t my favorite breakfast it’s definitely a hearty meal and gave us the energy to get on with our day.

  1. To-do list

I made my to-do list later than usual. I typically try to organize my schedule and my assignments due right after class, but today I wrote in my planner closer to 12pm. I wrote down any meetings and appointments I had, assignments for the week, prioritizing the ones due tomorrow, and when I wanted to get coffee. Creating a to-do list is something I try to do daily, both on google calendar and in my planner. 

  1. Hot girl walk

This afternoon, after doing a few hours of homework, I decided it was time for my hot girl walk. Due to timing, this was not my most successful hot girl walk. I only had about 15 minutes to spare but it definitely helped me recenter.

  1. End it at the grocery store

As a college student with no car, I knew getting to the grocery store at all today would be very unlikely. I go to Target biweekly, if I’m lucky, but I had recently gone and stocked up on the essentials. 

  1. Making a stiff coffee with some flavor flave

I do not drink coffee everyday, instead I alternate between yerba mate, hot tea and lattes. Since I had my go-to latte yesterday, an iced mocha latte with oat milk and raspberry flavor (it’s incredible), I decided to get a tea instead today. Since it was a cold day I opted for a hot pomegranate tea with some honey as I did my work in the coffee shop. Kendall did, however, make a delicious coffee with vanilla flavoring!

  1. Sweat out ur sinning

I don’t know how much sweating I did today. I didn’t have time to work out, and my hot girl walk wasn’t too intense. Guess I didn’t follow through with this one. Kendall has multiple water polo practices a day, so she definitely checked this off!

  1. All music played is female rappers

I very occasionally listen to SZA and Nicki Minaj, most of the time I am exclusively listening to indie or old 2000s. I didn’t listen to much music today, but I did queue some of my favorite SZA songs when I showered.

  1. Intensive skin care

My daily routine includes intensive skin care, but today I tried to make it more luxurious by doing a mud mask. It made me feel refreshed and rejuvenated. 

  1. Drink water

Today, I tried to constantly drink water, aiming for at least 2 water bottles, which is about 2000ml or 8 cups of water. I started my morning with a glass of water, drank water during my classes and made sure to hydrate during meals. By the end of the day I had dranken over 2 water bottles!

  1. Selective remembering 

Looking back at this day, I don’t know how intentional my selective remembering was. Unintentionally I definitely forgot to do some of the assignments I wanted to get done earlier in the day and had to stay up later to catch up. I should probably stay away from selective remembering in the future, especially when it comes to homework.

  1. Lie

Well even if I did lie, which I won’t confirm or deny, I can’t spill it.  

  1. Fit check

Mondays are typically my sweater and leggings day, a pretty simple, no thought outfit. However, since The Jarr told me to do a fit check I decided to dress up a little more than normal. I put on a pair of black jeans, a fun thermal long sleeve, and my classic white converse. I accessorized with some earrings and rings, which I tend to neglect on Monday mornings. Dressing up more than usual helped me feel ready to take on the day. 

  1. Buy yourself flowers

Instead of buying myself flowers today, I actually threw out my dying roses, very sad, I know. I desperately wanted to go buy more, but as I explained earlier, I do not have a car on campus. 

  1. Post office rule 

I had no clue what this was and even after stalking The Jarr on her socials I still couldn’t figure it out. 

  1. Read something

I didn’t have a chance to read my book, which is actually recommended by The Jarr—Seven Days in June. I did have some reading for class, so I’m counting that.

  1. Sneaky links are a-ok for Monday

Funny enough my sneak link, a.k.a. boyfriend, and I did some work together in the evening. We had a good time hanging out and probably would’ve even if it wasn’t one of the rules.

Dalia Kaplan

Conn Coll '24

Dalia is a sophomore at Connecticut College, originally from Manhattan, New York. She is majoring in Human Development and Psychology. Dalia loves reading, baking, hiking and hanging out with friends!
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