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Floralia 2017 Line Up Release: Week 3

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Conn Coll chapter.

In anticipation of Floralia’s 40th Anniversary, SAC will be releasing one act from the 2017 line up every Thursday at 5:30PM until April 8th at the official “Floralia Headliner Release Party”! Be sure to follow SAC on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get all the latest Floralia news and updates.

The third artist to be released is Ashworth! At only 20 years old, this electro/pop producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist was discovered on the Internet for his remix of Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger.” Ashworth is known for both creative remixes as well as originals. He has written music for several popular TV shows, advertisements, and media platforms including Snapchat and Vice.

Ashworth is best known for songs such as “A Thousand Miles,” “God Must Be a Lonely Man,” “Rebound,” and “Been a While.” Check him out on YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify!

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Danielle Kaplan is a senior from from Westwood, MA, studying economics and dance at Connecticut College. She is the in-house designer and Instagram contributor for Her Campus Conn Coll. In addition to Her Campus, Danielle spends most of her time rehearsing for several on-campus dance performances. Following graduation, she hopes to work for a non-profit organization related to incarceration and/or at-risk youth. But most of all, Danielle's true passions lie in avocados, dark chocolate, and cereal.
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