DIY: Flower Crowns

What is a great and fun way to kick off the week before Floralia, you ask?  Crafting your own personal flower crown to wear for the event with your friends!  Flower crowns are a fad often sported at festival-like events during the spring and summer seasons.  It can be difficult to buy one that reflects your own personal style, so we created a how-to for you to learn to craft your own flower crown that highlights your individual style and personality!

What you will need:

1.    Floral wire

2.    Floral tape

3.    Scissors or wire cutters

4.    Greenery (leaves, vines, etc.)

5.    FLOWERS (you can use real or fake, we used fake so the crown would be durable and last longer.  Find real flowers around campus or buy fake ones at a crafting store).

Step One:

Take the floral wire and wrap it around your head twice.  We suggest making it a tad loose; so that once it is completely assembled it won’t fit too snugly.  Once you have the wire, tape around four sections of it with floral tape. 

Step Two:

Start taking the greenery and attaching it to the wire with bits of floral tape.  Use the tape sparingly, a little goes a LONG WAY (trust).  Do this to cover the entire headband with a green backdrop before adding flowers into the mix.

Step Three:

Add layers of flowers onto your headband as you please.  There’s no right or wrong way to do this.  Add as many flowers as you please.

Step Four:

Once you have the third step down, we hope you have your own beautiful and YOUnique flower crown to wear all day long during Floralia.

Happy Floralia Camels!!