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Desserts Galore!

Spice up your dessert table this holiday!


Instead of the typical party pleasers, try some new holiday dessert recipes to wow your party guests.

Peppermint Bark

Though it sounds unappealing at first, this holiday dessert is very easy to make and pleases all your choc-a-holic partygoers. All that is needed for this dessert it 2 cups of dark chopped dark chocolate, 2 cups of chopped white chocolate, and 8 peppermint candy canes. Place the candy canes into a food processor and mash the pieces for about a minute until the candy canes pieces are small. The size is completely your preference, however bakers tip it is nice biting into smaller pieces rather than large chunks! Melt the dark chocolate and spread it into a pan. Then place the pan in the refrigerator and melt the white chocolate. After the white chocolate is completely liquefied, pour in the candy cane pieces and mix well. Then remove the hardened dark chocolate from the fridge and pour the white chocolate over it. Once this step is complete place it in fridge and in a couple of hours you will have a tasty dessert!


Santa Hats

This bite size dessert is to make and relatively mess free! All you need is white vanilla icing, brownie pieces, and strawberries. In order to create the brownie base, find a small circular cookie cutter about and 1 wide and press out brownie pieces. Then place a small dollop of vanilla frosting on top of the brownie. Remove the top part of strawberry off to eliminate the chance of eating part of the stem or leaves, and place the strawberry on top of the icing. To add a little extra design, place a small drop of icing at the very top of the Santa hat and your done!


Fancies..aka Pudding Cups

If you plan to have a formal and intimate party this holiday, try this easy recipe! All you need is wine glasses, pudding, wafers, chocolate sauce, whipped cream and peppermint pieces. The pudding flavor can vary; around the holidays there are always an array of festive pudding flavors available. First make the pudding, pour it into the wine glasses and leave it to cool. After an hour in the refrigerator, take out the glasses and place two wafers in the pudding. Then drizzle some chocolate sauce and peppermint pieces over the whipped cream and the wafers and just like that you have a simple but yummy dessert to serve to your special guests.


Christmas Chocolate Float

This dessert would most likely please your younger audience! This recipe calls for hot chocolate, vanilla ice cream and peppermint pieces. Similarly to the Root Beer float, there is vanilla ice cream involved. Scoop out about a cup of ice cream (very dependent on the appetite of your guest) and place it into a cup. Then warm some hot chocolate and allow it to cool for a minute or two. Once it is not so hot, pour it over the ice cream and garnish the top with peppermint pieces. The melting ice cream will boost the flavor of the hot chocolate making for a delicious holiday treat!


Emily is currently a senior attending Connecticut College. She is a Biology and English double major. Her interests include community service, lazy days in bed watching movies and hanging out outdoors with friends. Like her interests, her taste in music and movies is all over the place. She has had an amazing four years here at Conn College so far, and is excited and nervous about being much closer to the REAL WORLD!
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