College Students Going to Prom One Last Time

As the spring semester of college winds down, many freshmen look forward to going home, maybe a summer internship, or just enjoying the time away from school. For some college freshman, May means prom season and this prom season might be your last. Here are five things to keep in mind when you are a college student attending a high school prom.

1. All eyes probably won’t be on you, but that does not mean you don’t deserve to look and feel your best. For me, this year is my best friends’ senior prom and I cannot wait for all eyes to be on her. However, I am still going to go all out for the pictures.

2. If your prom date is anything like mine, let him or her make the plans (even if it is a flamingo suit, image below). Like I said, this prom is their last hoorah with their classmates, so go on the prom bus they want to go on, take pictures with their friends, even if they aren’t necessarily your friends, and don’t cramp their style.

3. Do not tell endless stories reminiscing about your own senior prom. Luckily for me, my prom date this year was also my senior prom date, but if you are not in that situation, don’t bog down the conversation by comparing everything that the current prom has to your last prom.

4. Don’t be afraid to have fun. I know I can be hesitant to not step on anyone's toes (literally and figuratively), but I also know that if I’m worrying about how my date or best friends are feeling, I risk missing out on the fun for myself.

5. Take it all in. This will be my fourth and final prom and if you know me, you know I am OBSESSED with prom dresses; picking them out, wearing them, taking photos in them, the whole process. So now that I have purchased my last prom dress, I continue to remind myself to take in every moment and enjoy the process. I tend to worry easily or stress out on the day of, but this year I’ll be easy breezy. (Sofia, Ryan, if you are reading this one, hold me to it).

To my fellow college freshman going to prom, have a blast! I know you all will look your best. Also, feel free to tag our Instagram @hercampusconn on any photos/posts inspired by this article! Please enjoy the (slightly embarrassing) suit that my boyfriend will be wearing to prom.