A Chicago Girls First Trip to The Cape

As some of you may know, last weekend I took the beautiful and talented Kiara Rivera to Cape Cod, MA! As a Chicago native, Kiara "didn't believe the hype" about why Cape Cod is so great and why so many New Englanders vacation there. So to prove the hype, we went on a whirlwind 24 hour trip to Centerville. Here are the pictures from Kiara's many firsts on Cape Cod.


To start off our journey, we took a trip to Stop & Shop, a common MA grocery store. 

At the grocery store, Kiara had her first experience with an easy scanner!

Later that night we watched TV and read Oprah magazines while sitting on the couch with my dog Bandit. 

The next morning we made scrambled egg cups, Kiara's second experience with a casserole type food!

The weather in the morning was amazing so we decided to take our brunch outside and sit by the water. We paired the scrambled egg cups with chocolate chip banana bread and sparkling white grape juice. 

After breakfast, we ran some errands, went shopping and visited the beach!

The rental house we stayed in had a small boat house which prompted the following picture from our mini photo shoot.

Kiara had to go back to Conn before I did so we took her into Providence for dinner and then said goodbye at the train station.

By the end of our quick trip, Kiara had to admit that she completely believed the hype of Cape Cod! We hope you enjoyed this recap of our adventure!