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Meet Alex and Amy! Two sophomores at Conn, who’ve only been here for a year, have become very involved– they are both writers for Her Campus! We caught up with these best friends to hear about their favorite thing about Conn, their hidden talents and more. 

Names: Alex Breakstone and Amy Levenson

Year: 2016

Alex’s Major: English

Hometown: New Canaan, CT

Amy’s Major: Psychology

Hometown: New Castle, New Hampshire

Relationship status: Married… to each other

Clubs/activities:  We started the club tennis team, Her Campus, and we are both tour guides.

How did you meet?

Alex: We both transferred in this fall, and the first day that we came we had…

Amy: a special connection, we just had a spark.

Are you ever apart?

Amy: No, she just follows me everywhere. She’s obsessed with me.

Three words to describe each other?

Alex: Uhh I would say, thirty, flirty and thriving

Amy: Decent, alright, average

Alex: Thanks Amy, I feel the love. 

What is your favorite thing about Conn?

Amy: The co-ed bathrooms

Alex: Interesting varieties of chicken offered in Harris for any meal of the day. 

You are both transfers, how has that experience been?

Amy: It’s been a really easy transition, everyone has been very friendly.

Alex: I couldn’t ask for better friends.

Favorite food?

Alex: Cookie dough, hands down.

Amy:  Coffee ice cream.

If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Amy: Greece

Alex: Norm’s Diner

Guilty pleasure?

Alex: Cro dances

Amy: Hmm… a stupid tv show, but which one, I have plenty of those. What’s a stupid show I watch?

Alex: 90210

Amy: Yeah, 90210. That one’s pretty embarrassing.

Hidden talent?

Amy: I have none.

Alex: I can do that cool thing with my tongue,

Amy: Oh, I can touch my tongue to my nose.

Favorite holiday?

Alex: Christmas

Amy: My birthday

Alex: Get ready, its coming up.

Amy: April 28th!

Favorite Rom Com?

Alex: Raising Helen

Amy: Shrek

The quickest way to your heart is…?

Alex: Quickest way to Amy’s heart? Buy her ice cream.

Starbucks or Dunkin:

Alex & Amy: Starbs

Hannah Montana or New Miley

Amy: Oh, Hannah Montana

Alex: Hannah Montana, for sure

Orange is the New Black or House of Cards?

Amy: Orange is the New Black

Alex: Yeah, Orange is the New Black. Amy and I watch that together, we can’t watch it without each other.

Instagram or Facebook?

Alex: Instagram

Amy: Insta

Leggings or Jeans? 

Amy: Leggings. She likes jeans. 

Alex: Yeah, jeans

Spring or fall?

Both: Fall

Something we don’t know about you:

Amy: I was a baby model

Alex: No she wasn’t. I collect rubber ducks.

Celebrity crush?

Alex: Ashton Kutcher

Amy: Ryan Reynolds

Summer plans?

Alex: I have an internship in New York City, I’m living in a penthouse, it’s whatever. *flips her hair*

Amy: I have an internship in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

How do you guys feel about being Campus Cutie?:

Alex: It’s awesome.

Amy: It’s been a long time coming. 

I'm a sophomore American Studies major. In addition to HerCampus, I am a member of the Student Activities Council and a volunteer at the local elementary school!  
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