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Campus Cutie: Danping Yi

This week’s Campus Cutie is an urban fashionista, despite her early morning science class wardrobe. She’s an aspiring art major and med school student who is determined to graduate a year early. Check out Danping Yi and learn more about this world traveler’s favorite exotic destinations and work from her figurative painting class.


Class Year: 2016


Hometown: Hunan, China


Major: Studio art


Minor: Probably Chemistry


Extracurricular activities: Fusion, Eclipse, paramedic internship


Favorite TV show: Sherlock Holmes, How I Met Your Mother


Favorite movie:  Shutter Island, Silence of Lambs


Spirit animal: a hedgehog!


Describe your ideal date: nice dinner, thriller movie, walk around in the city, and some conversation.


What qualities do you look for in a significant other?

Intelligence, honesty, friendliness. Also has to have nice teeth and like Asian cuisine.


Guilty pleasure: I love online shopping and late night Chinese food deliveries.


Personal motto: Enjoy life in the moment.


Favorite place on campus: Cummings art studios and the music library


How would you define your personal style?

I’m an urban New Yorker at heart, but I always dress like a science student around campus.


What are your go to items in your closet?

Cozy sweaters, scarves, and Doc Martins are the staples of my wardrobe.


What is the most interesting food you’ve ever eaten?



What is the most exotic place that you have ever lived?

I’ve lived in Anchorage, Alaska for two years. I visited Maui and Waikiki a lot.


How do you make Harris gourmet?

I eat salad bar and tofu with soy sauce for every meal.


What’s your favorite work of art that you have created?

A self-portrait I did for my figurative painting class.

How did you decide to be an art major as well as be involved in the premed program?

I grew up spending a lot of time with my grandmother who is a gynecologist and has owns her private clinic has influenced me to pursue the premed track. I definitely want to be involved in the healthcare profession. Being an art major is more of personal fulfillment and doing art gives me the pleasure that science couldn’t provide. I enjoy balancing my self between art and science.

How do you feel about being Campus Cutie?

I’m very honored and flattered.

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