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Campus Cutie: Becca Quirke

Meet this week’s Campus Cutie, Becca Quirke! This hilarious sophomore is a talented sailor and is always craving chocolate! Her personal motto hits close to home for most collegiettes: “I have so much homework. What movie should I watch?” What’s not to love? Read on to find out her crazy talent, celebrity crush, and summer plans.

Class Year: 2017

Hometown: Rye, NY

Major: Government and American Studies with a minor in Economics

Relationship Status: I’ve got a blank space baby… & I’ll write your name

Extracurricular Activities: Sailing takes up a lot of my time, as does being a vegetarian. I do a lot of talking about both and not a lot of being good at either. Oh! & aerial yoga/headstands.  I like being upside down.

Plans for Summer 2015: I’m the head sailing coach at Pequot Yacht Club, and I plan on memorizing the French-English dictionary in preparation for my semester in Paris this fall!

Celebrity Crush: Timmy Riggins

Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate anything and themed parties

Special Talents: I can breathe air out of the tear duct in my left eye… ask me to show you ;)

What is your life motto? “I have so much homework. What movie should I watch?”

We hear you are very involved in the Sailing Team at Conn. What made you want to sail in college?  

I just wished to be apart of something bigger than myself. Sailing is like a full time job in college. We’re away almost every weekend for two seasons, but the team is awesome. We really tend to make seven-hour van rides and countless nights spent in hotels entertaining. Also, I love being in and around the water, so I take scuba to supplement my time spent not at practice.

How do you feel about being Campus Cutie?

Honestly, it’s not that I feel lucky. I simply feel blessed. 

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Alex Kruck

Conn Coll

Alex Kruck, a junior at Connecticut College, is from Boxford, Ma. She is studying Economics and Photography. In addition to Her Campus, Alex is a member of Conn's Relay for Life Committee, which raises awareness and money for the American Cancer Society.  
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