Campus Celebrity Matt Bitchell!

Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity: Matt Bitchell! Matt shares with us what he did this past summer and what he has planned for the future. Read more to find out what this Men’s Soccer team star wishes he can cross of his Conn bucket list before graduation. 

Name: Matt Bitchell

Class Year: 2016

Hometown: Byfield, Massachusetts

Major: Botany

Extracurricular activities: Men's Soccer and chilling super hard

We heard Men's Soccer won their first home playoff game sending the team to NESCAC playoffs AND that you personally had a great game with a goal and an assist. How did that feel? 

The game was a definitely a surreal experience with more than enough drama and I am proud of my team for making a little history here at Conn. Helping your team win always feels great and it will most certainly be a game I'll remember for the rest of my life.

Do you have any plans to play soccer after college?

I've toyed with the idea of chasing the dream, but who knows.

What did you do for your CELS internship this past summer?

This summer I did my CELS internship here at Conn doing research for the botany department with Professor Siver. We were conducting phytoplankton research on Roseland Lake in Woodstock, CT, so each week we would drive up there and take the canoes out on the water to take samples. It was a very low key and relaxing summer.

Anything you have left on your Conn bucket list that you want to do before graduation?

One thing I was hoping to do is join the club hockey team. 

What are your plans (so far) for after graduation?

Hopefully find a job, work for a bit, then apply for grad school. 

Where is the most exotic place you've traveled to?

Last spring semester I studied abroad in Florence and was able to travel around a bit. Europe is a pretty crazy place.