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Campus Celebrity: Honora Umrysz

Although her title may only say “Dining Service Aid”, anyone who has encountered her knows that she is so much more than that. Whether she’s swiping your card at the door, or spreading her positive attitude around Harris, she exudes happiness and kindness wherever she goes. Always there to put a smile on our face, it’s hard to argue that this week’s Campus Celebrity hasn’t impacted each one of us in some way or another. Meet Honora, this week’s Campus Celebrity! 


Hometown: I’ve lived my entire life in New London, CT! It was a wonderful place to grow up.

Campus Job: Dining Service Aid

What other jobs have you had before coming here?

Hmmm…Let’s see! Dental Assistant, Troubleshooter, Bookkeeper, Admissions, and Discharge Planner

What’s your favorite thing about Connecticut College?

When I was seven I came to campus to watch movies in Palmer, and when I was a little bit older my dad was Director of Security and I’d come to visit him. Then, later on, I applied to work here. I’m amazed all the time at how much the college has changed since when I was little. When one of our friends died they had a nice service for him in Harkness Chapel.  When one of our coworkers was pregnant they threw her a baby shower. People here are so thoughtful and those are the little things you really remember.

What has been your biggest take away from working at Conn?

I love watching you kids come in as freshman and grow to graduate as seniors. Not to mention the friendships that I’ve made over the years. To me that’s the most important.

Favorite Harris Meal?

They used to have a lobster meal which I loved, but now I’d have to say it’s sirloin or pork loin…Or maybe salmon! 

Any words of wisdom?

Take it with a grain of salt. And just know that I really care so much about you guys and think of you all as my own children. When I’m having a bad day, I see you all and it makes everything better.  

How does it feel to be Campus Celebrity?

I’m overwhelmed and I appreciate it very much because I will be retiring in October. 

Charlotte is a Senior here at Connecticut College. She is an English Major and Psychology Minor. She enjoys writing and social media! 
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