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Campus Celebrity: Grace Megaffin

Meet this week’s Campus Celebrity: Grace Megaffin. A senior at Conn, this celeb has taken on many leadership roles on campus, which include being captain of the Women’s Lacrosse team and housefellow of Park. But, Grace is not only known for her involvement at Conn…as one student said, “Grace is probably the funniest chick I know.” Another student said, “Girl can rock a bun and a doughnut costume also known as one of a kind.”
Here is what this class act had to say…

Major:Film Studies major, History minor
Hometown:Hopewell, NJ
Lax Position:Defense
How has being a part of the lacrosse team shaped your experience at Conn?
Sweet lax is a huge time commitment, and I’d definitely be more involved in other activities on campus if I didn’t play a sport, but I can’t imagine not playing lacrosse. It makes everything better, like peanut butter or Nicki Minaj. 

What made you want to be a housefellow and what has been the most rewarding part about the position?
I, for lack of a better word, idolized my housefellow freshman year. To this day, I believe she could walk on water if she wanted to. Because I’m with my teammates the majority of the time, I like getting involved in programs that help me meet new people. I love all of the HF’s this year. Best. Group. Ever.

Who is your idol/favorite celeb and why?
Tina Fey. Everything she touches turns to gold, and she knows how to appreciate a good doughnut.

Words to live by:
 Laughter is the best medicine and time heals all wounds.
When not on the field, where/what can you be found doing?
 I’d like to think I’m unpredictable, but you can probably just find me in Harris.

What are you most excited for about senior year?
Top dog on campus. Shout out to Bryson Cowan on this one.

Dream job?
 Dolphin trainer. Not only for the awesome microphone headset, but wetsuits are looking flashy these days.

Elyse Lebel is a senior at Connecticut College majoring in Psychology and Sociology. Studying abroad her spring semester in Copenhagen, Denmark, she loves to travel and learn about different cultures. As co-founder of the Her Campus branch at her school, Elyse has a strong passion and interest in writing, communications, and fashion. This summer, Elyse interned at Teen Voices, a non-profit magazine based in Boston, and is excited to continue to gain experience in online publication with the HC team!
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