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The Camel takes NYC!

Ever wonder what a camel does on the weekend? Well here at Conn College, our adventurous camel takes excursions to the bright lights of New York City! The Metropolitan Museum of Art and FAO Schwartz were just a few of the hotspots he hit; take a look at how our camel spent a day in the city…

First stop, the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Before going inside, our camel made some friends with the local pigeons. They were friendly enough, but he was missing his NESCAC buds back home.

Our camel was especially taken with Monet’s “Bridge Over a Pool of Water Lillies.” So much so that he would almost rather live in a lush garden than his campus home. At least we have the Arbo to fulfill his fantasy!

We think we see a resemblance to Mr. Van Gogh, do you? No? Oh…

In order to get a good look at Jackson Pollock’s “Autumn Rhythm (Number 30)”, our camel had to stand back quite a ways: the piece is 8.75 x 17.25 feet!

All the art ogling made our camel tired, so he stopped to hang out with a new friend for a bit. Overall, this guy seemed like a chill dude.

For lunch, he stopped in at Le Pain Quotidien and ordered a smoked salmon tartine. Although embarassed to say it, our camel did admit that it sure beat Harris food, especially the mixed berry tart he ate afterwards. There will always be a special place in his heart for Tollhouse Cookie Pie, though!

Taking a leisurely stroll through Central Park, our camel began to miss his long walks across the Conn College campus. New York may have its charms, but nothing beats the fiery sunset over the arboretum and Admission Office.

Our camel’s walk through Central Park was making him kind of hungry, so he stopped at one of the numerous hot dog stands for a bite to eat. Needless to say, he started to miss Harris at this point.

No trip to New York City is complete without stopping by FAO Schwartz! Camels make friends with all kinds of people; even the real-life toy soldier loved him!

What a coincidence! This fortuitous encounter acted as a friendly reminder that no matter where we go, there will always be another camel who has our back.

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