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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Conn Coll chapter.

With the persistent snowstorms and gloomy winter days, many Conn students have been spotted wearing dark colors and sweat pants (we’re all a bit guilty here!). It’s time to bring color back to our campus! Dig out your some of your bright colors to sport a new look to make these winter days go by a little faster! 

Try opting for colored pants, instead of blue jeans or sweatpants! Maybe avoid the heels, due to the several inches of snow on the ground, but these brightly color pants will give your outfit a little bit of pop during these glum grey days!

Try throwing on a colorful dress, some warm tights and a cute blazer; an outfit like this can really cheer up your day! 

If your going for a more comfy style, try some colorful winter leggings that add some style to those days where jeans just aren’t an option.

With spring months ahead, look for bright and colorful pastels that can be worn with jeans and some boots. These bright colors make for a more exciting outfit! 

Try on some colorful accessories to accentuate your mood! There are so many kinds of earrings and necklaces that can be added to an outfit to make you really stand out! 

Especially in this cold weather, find an eccentric scarf to put on– they are sold everywhere!! Try some of these new colors to brighten up your day during these long winter days! 

Stay warm and stay stylish!!

Emily is currently a senior attending Connecticut College. She is a Biology and English double major. Her interests include community service, lazy days in bed watching movies and hanging out outdoors with friends. Like her interests, her taste in music and movies is all over the place. She has had an amazing four years here at Conn College so far, and is excited and nervous about being much closer to the REAL WORLD!
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