The Bachelor Season 23 Predictions

As we wrap up week six of season 23 of The Bachelor, it is time for me to announce my top three predictions! At this point in the game we have seven women left on the show (and I personally have 920 total roses in ABC’s Bachelor Fantasy League!). Although a few of my favorites have gone home such as Onyeka and Devin, my favorite and Colton's first impression rose, Hannah B., is still in the game! As a Colton skeptic this season, I have to admit that I have not been watching as seriously as I normally due so bare with me for this one. To read more about my top three picks for this season, keep on scrolling!

Second Runner Up: Hannah G. 

Hannah G. is the front runner in my heart but is no longer the front runner of the show. She received Colton’s first impression rose and bonded with Colton over the fact that they both have divorced parents on this week's one-on-one date. She and Colton clearly have the best physical chemistry but Hannah’s apprehension to open up might ultimately send her home. Another reason why I am unsure about Hannah’s success on the show is that she is already a model for the brand Show Me Your Mumu on their website and Instagram page. This attention on social media and retail makes me think that she did not win this season. Although Hannah is my absolute favorite, the previews for the hometown visits substantially lack footage of Hannah G. which is why Hannah G. is my second runner up.

Runner Up: Hannah B.

The Alabama native has never been a favorite of mine, however, she has made it pretty far in the show. During the dispute between Hannah B. and Caelynn, I took Caelynn’s side. However, Hannah B. did go on the first one-on-one date of the season which gave her a leg up in the competition and helped mold her side of the story to Colton. The beef between both women was quickly squashed right around the time of Caelynn’s one-on-one. Hannah B. is a football fan which is a bonus with Colton but I do not think she is ready for marriage. (Did someone say "She's only here to make friends"?)  I am predicting that she is the runner up this season because she is the only hometown visit that was truly previewed in the teaser for week 7.

Winner: Caelynn

Miss North Carolina 2018 is more than just a pageant winner. I predict that Caelynn will be the future Mrs. Colton Underwood due to her career in broadcast journalism, her openness about surviving her past sexaual assault, and her strong connection with her family. Caelynn and Colton have a very mature relationship and I think Caelynn is the most ready for marriage at this stage of her life. Lastly, Caelynn has the most individual pictures of herself and Colton on her Instagram page, whereas many of the other contestants only have group shots.


There they are! My picks for the top three of season 23! Comment below if you agree, disagree or are not even watching this year!