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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Conn Coll chapter.


            This week, Connecticut College’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity will be raising awareness about affordable housing by participating in Habitat for Humanity’s national campaign: ACT! SPEAK! BUILD! Week. The events are held annually throughout the country and this year, the dates are April 7th until April 11th.

            There are some staple events Conn’s chapter does each year. The kickoff for the week is always “The Poster Campaign,” which takes place on Monday, where posters detailing facts about affordable housing and Habitat for Humanity are placed around campus. The week also contains”Fun Facts and Free Candy,” where interested students come to the library and answer questions about Habitat to win candy (Hint: many of the questions are related to the facts from “The Poster Campaign). The week ends on Friday with “Documentary and Discussion with Professors,” where professors from departments such as Anthropology, Sociology, and Architectural Studies come out to discuss affordable housing.

            In the past, Conn’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity has held an event entitled, “Box City,” where students build a house out of cardboard to spread awareness about homelessness. Instead, this year, the event will be “The ‘Awareness’ Wall,” where Habitat student members will be building a physical wall throughout the day on Wednesday. Students are welcome to stop by to learn more about Habitat and sign the wall. The event will not only spread awareness about Conn’s chapter, it will also give a more accurate depiction of the actions of club members: Habitat members volunteer their time to help build houses in New London on weekends throughout the academic year. This event will also be worthwhile because the wall will be transported and used on a local Habitat for Humanity home.

            Members of Conn’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity look forward to spreading awareness and fun this week and hope you come out to show your support!

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