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A Therapist’s Daughter Ranks Her Favorite Freudian Slips

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Welcome back to the second article in my unintentionally newly developed series: “A Therapist’s Daughter.” I have been traumatized, and I will make sure that you are as well! Just kidding, me and my mother have a healthy relationship, and I know that because once again, being a therapist is passed down hereditarily. 

Anyways, recently, I was laying in bed, trying and failing to fall asleep, and I was jolted awake due to the resurgence of one of my most troublesome and closely guarded memories that I will now share with the public readership of Her Campus: I had a Freudian Slip once. I was in the third grade, and I called my teacher “mom” when I asked to go to the bathroom. I know, it is a shameful and completely unique experience. While deeply horrifying in the moment, I am finally mustering up the courage to laugh at myself. After all, the teacher probably doesn’t think about it anymore, and it happened in a time before cell phones could take videos. Luckily, a lot of Freudian Slips from popular culture have been immortalized by video technology, so I am going to rank my top three personal favorites for you all today in order to downplay my own mistake.

3. Emma Stone and Allison Janney at the Elle Magazine Party

“The first time I entered her…orbit.” 

2. Hockey Commentator Is Setting the Scene

I actually don’t want to transcribe this one in writing, just watch. 

1. George H. W. Bush Talks About President Ronald Reagan

“We’ve had triumphs. Made some mistakes. We’ve had some sex…setbacks.”

Stay tuned for what I’ll talk about sext…I mean next! 

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