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A Poem Review in Honor of the Eclispe!

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By: Alexa LoSchiavo

There is an eclipse tomorrow for everyone who’s curious. This poem is a depiction of how I felt the first time I saw a comet moving through the sky. I hope that some readers will get the chance to see the eclipse this Saturday and connect to this feeling of seeing the beauty and span of the universe that is captured in this poem.

The comet

Layered turquoise shillings scaling up the wall

Twisted oaks hang from above

Shadowing the porch light

We’re coming in from the ocean

Hair swept;

Eyes light

The universe threw fire across the night sky

So brief it could almost be missed

As if to say do not forget me

The universe went again

Throwing blue fiery forces across the scattered galaxy

Does the universe know we are looking?

One illustrious rock hurtling through space

We are working on etching this memory into the concaves of our brains

How to hold onto something so fast and so bright?

So expansive and surprising 

Too big to hold and too small to see

Multitudes sprinting across the stars

Spinning through time

As we give names to the clouds

Nothing so vast can be named

Nothing so beautiful can be summed by one thing

Nothing and everything exuding all at once, 

Spinning through light

And stopping as quickly as it starts

A brief ring of light

Gone now

But forever in my mind

Til forever runs out. 

I wrote this poem after seeing a comet for the first time on the beach. I used imagery to describe it accurately, but I also used personification of the universe to describe the span and power it holds. I really wanted to remember the moment, so I wrote it down. However, I wanted to point out the futility of even writing it down because, though the moment can somewhat be captured, it can never be fully felt in the same way or experienced again, except in the present moment. 

Alexa LoSchiavo

Conn Coll '27

My name is Alexa LoSchiavo and I am a freshman at Connecticut College. I went to Stanton High School College Preparatory in Jacksonville, Florida. I have always loved reading since I was a kid and I enjoy writing. I love to do anything creative and anything in nature as well. I love going to the beach and hiking. I am very excited to write for Her campus this year.