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8 Things You Shouldn’t Take for Granted at Conn

We are totally not biased or anything, but we love Conn Coll. Our school has one of the most gorgeous campuses. It is Conn’s beauty combined with its academics and overall community that makes it such a great place, but there are some specific things about that Conn that we love that you really can’t find or experience anywhere else. Here are some things that you should not take for granted during your time at Conn, because you may not come across anything quite like it again. 

1. The View 

The beauty of Connecticut College’s campus is unparalleled. Don’t forget to take a moment sometime to look around you and see what an amazing view you have. One of our personal favorites is the view of the water that you can see from Blaustein’s steps. 

2. Camel Cookies

We look forward to them at every event with Camel Catering. We can’t think of any dessert more adorable, or more representative of Conn, than Camel Cookies. Don’t even get us started on the chocolate covered ones. 

3. Art

Whether it is the weird hands and feet sculpture by Blaustein, the Nike sculpture in South, or any of the other magnificent pieces of art on Conn’s campus, art at Conn undoubtedly makes the college a more beautiful place. Even if we do not completely understand all of the artwork, we love it nonetheless. 

4. The Arboretum

Whenever you get stressed with all the work you have, remember the acres and acres of land that the Arboretum offers to clear your head. The clarity that one can find in Conn’s Arboretum cannot be found anywhere else. 

5. Sprout Garden

How many other college’s can say that they have a garden where students can grow their own food? Conn’s dedication to sustainability that surpasses many other colleges is exemplified by the wonderful Sprout Garden. 

6. Sunsets Over the Chapel

The tall spire of the chapel juts out into a beautiful flaming sunset every night of the week at Conn. It’s the perfect photo opportunity if you get the right angle. We’ve heard that the view from Windham is particularly spectacular. 

7. Soup and Bread

Fighting for a seat in Freeman Dining Hall is so worth it when the reward is a delicious soup with an amazing bread to dip it in. Conn just wouldn’t be the same without this weekly meal that we’ve come to love so much. 

8. Shain Library

With finals week coming up, we are all appreciating the fantastic renovations made to the library, and we are so grateful to have the space to study and basically live in as the semester comes to a close. Good luck with finals, Camels!

Jessica is a junior at Connecticut College, but she is originally from Massachusetts. She is double majoring in English and Environmental Studies with the the hope of pursuing a career in environmental communications. She loves poetry (especially Emily Dickinson), pop punk music, and her puppy Eli. 
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