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8 Camel Items We Wish Were Back in Stock

“Where’d you get that? I NEED that!” is a phrase frequently heard when a Conn Coll student is wearing a shirt, sweater, scarf, pair of pants, or accessory upon which actual camels are featured. These camel pieces provide a way to spice up an everyday wardrobe with school spirit. However, oftentimes items with camels on them are hard to find. We appreciate the camel selection sold in the bookstore and in other off-campus stores; still, we dream about being able to buy these eight unique and trendy pieces again.

1, 2, and 3) PSA: Kate Spade had a Camel Collection in 2012. Camel scarves, camel bags, camel bracelets oh my! First, a Conn Coll student can never have enough camel scarves, so we would love to be able to cozy up with equal pops of cherry and camel in this cold weather that is not going away. Next, a purple camel tote would for sure make a great backpack in addition to bringing sunny vibes to the stress that comes with academics. Finally, we would love to have a camel wrap bracelet to not only add some sparkle to our wrists, but also to show our camel pride in a more laid back way.

4) TBT to C. Wonder and its marching camel pants circa 2014/2015. These pants were the perfect combination of comfy, cool, and camel-y. Everyone coveted the pants, but they sold out and stayed sold out online. Then, C. Wonder filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and any hope of buying the pants was gone. While C. Wonder stores closed, maybe these pants could be featured in C. Wonder’s QVC collection. We predict that marching camel pant sales would make Bradley Cooper just as excited as JLaw’s/Joy’s miracle mop sales.

5 and 6) Really anything that Mara Hoffman ever put camels on needs to be brought back immediately. Her old collections included many colorful camel pieces. We wish she would continue to make this fun sweater (c. 2014) and blue shift dress (sold out online everywhere)– definitely two easy breezy cool girl pieces. Who knew camels could be so chic?!

We want these heels, too!

7) Adding stacked heels and a floppy hat to Anthropologie’s bright and quirky-casual dromedary dress would certainly create a catwalk to campus look. Oh, if only this fun piece was sold now and not in 2011! Bring the camels back Anthro!! BTW: A dromedary is a camel #learning.

8) Many campus closets and wardrobes are filled with J. Crew. It is a favorite brand on campus for statement and everyday pieces as well as camel options. Particularly, the J. Crew camel sweater can be seen regularly from class to Harris to Cro to Shain to Mystic Market. We also love the camel printed iPhone cases and wish they would be back in stock ASAP. Idea: Maybe they could be sold at the bookstore!

Although we wish these items were back in stock, there are still many other camel pieces available. For example, Etsy has an amazing camel jewelry selection and ASOS currently has a camel sweater on sale! Happy camel fashion hunting!

Julia is a senior who loves writing for Conn's Her Campus chapter! While she is studying economics and environmental studies, she is also interested in fashion and beauty. Her Campus has allowed Julia to incorporate these personal interests into her weekly schedule.
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