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6 Things You Need to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

With most Conn students leaving campus fully vaccinated, I think I speak for all of us when I say that I am determined to make this summer better than the past year of my life. The only way I am getting through finals season is by daydreaming about lounging by the pool, driving with the windows down, and spending the nights making memories with my friends. Every spring I like to make a bucket list for all the fun things I want to do that summer to make it my YA Rom-Com Summer™. You know, the way teen protagonists always have one magical summer? Here’s some great ideas to add to your bucket list to make this summer magical.

Swim Under the Stars

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something that feels magical about swimming at night. Maybe I watched too much H2O: Just Add Water as a kid, but when you and your friends are the only ones in the water, you feel like you own the ocean. Side note: Please do this one in a pond or a pool if you live in a shark infested area, losing a limb is not a part of our summer plans!


Go to the Drive-In Movies

More people took advantage of the Drive-In movies last summer when regular theaters were closed, and personally, I think that was a great move. Drive-Ins are the perfect date idea, or can be a fun girls night! If you want to get really into the old school vibes, leave your phones at home, put on your best 50s dress, grab a milkshake, and feel transported back in time as you listen to the movie sounds come through the crackly speakers. 

Go on an Adventure by Yourself

How many times have you had a fun idea for the day and then sat at home because all your friends were busy? Take the time to go explore somewhere new by yourself. Whether it be a museum, a hike, or even just a new shop, take some time to hang out with yourself. It can be a great way to discover new places in your area without pressure and to discover new things about yourself.

Have a Good Ol' Fashion Slumber Party

Fun Fact: I have not stepped foot in another person's house since March of 2020 (thanks covid), and one of the things I miss the most is a good sleepover. I will say college can sometimes feel like one big sleepover, but I think we all have been severely deprived of some 3 am chats with our home friends. 


Try a New Recipe

I was talking with some people about what they wanted to do this summer, and I was surprised how many of us said we wanted to bake more this summer. I think there is something so exciting about finding a new recipe and trying it out for yourself. I know I keep seeing videos on Instagram and Tik Tok for healthy ice cream aka “nice cream” that I am dying to try. Plus, everything tastes better when you make it yourself!

Hang Out With Your Conn Friends

It's so important to maintain those friendships over the summer. And I feel like this summer it will be easier than ever, even if your friends live across the country or around the world. We are all experts at using Zoom, Netflix Party, and online games to connect after this year at Conn. Put those skills to good use and plan a long distance friend hang!

Caitlin Boyd

Conn Coll '24

Caitlin Boyd is a sophomore at Connecticut College studying neuroscience. She loves writing everything from book recs, to music reviews, to campus life experiences! If you see Caitlin around Conn, she is probably looking fascinated by the campus squirrels.
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