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5 Ways to Help Readjust from Studying Abroad

Coming back from studying abroad can be really hard. When you're used to jet-setting off to a new country every weekend, normal college weekends can seem boring and make you miss your life abroad. School tends to take a back seat when you're abroad because you focus so much on the new places and cultures you are experiencing, so when you return to a normal course load in the United States, it can be a shock to the system. But, there are ways to make things better! Read on to learn 5 ways to help you readjust to life after a beautiful semester abroad!

1) Pictures, pictures, pictures! Be sure to print some of your favorite photos from some of the locations you visited to help reflect on some of the good times you had!

2) Food! Remind yourself of some of the culture you experienced and make an effort to cook (or go out) and eat some of the great food you miss!

3) Friends! Abroad friends become some of the best friends so make sure to reach out to them to reminisce about all your adventures!

4) Journal! If you kept a journal from your time abroad, read it occasionally to feel some nostalgia! Didn't make a journal abroad? Now is a great time to recount all of your memories!

5) Remember that there are many more cultures in the world to explore, and before you know it you could have the opportunity to travel the world once again!


Francesca is a senior at Connecticut College double majoring in Biology and Italian. She is from Bethany, CT and is a huge Friends and Greys Anatomy enthusiast!
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