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11 Things That Happen When Fetty Wap Comes On

Fetty Wap makes us all feel some type of way. Check out our version of HC Sacred Heart’s awesome article!

1. You instantly scream “oooohhhhhhh” at the top of your lungs

2. The squad anxiously waits for “I got a glock in my rari” because it is everyone’s favorite line and it needs to be screamed louder then the other lyrics

3. Something takes over you and you start swaying from side to side with one hand in the air in preparation for the drop

4. You immediately become 100% confident in your dancing/rapping skills so you challenge someone, anyone to a dance battle.

5. Naturally, you dance battle

6. For those 3 minutes and 30 seconds you can’t stop thinking of the endless possibilities of what those numbers mean. 1738?!?! 679?!?!

7. Then you consider every lyric of the song for a potential Instagram caption #1738 #heywhatsuphello

8. You imagine yourself to be on MTV’s Top 100 Music Video Billboard

9. If it comes on the radio while you are driving you will risk blowing out the speakers for the sake of bumpin’ the bass

10. You always ask yourself; does Fetty Wap really only have one eye?!?!?

11. And finally, the squad truly believes that their next mix tape will drop soon. 

(Just like what happened for Taylor Swift and her squad)

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Annie Clay

Conn Coll

Annie Clay is a junior at Connecticut College from Westchester, NY. She is majoring in Economics and enjoys reading the Wall Street Journal and watching re-runs of The Office. Annie loves starbucks coffee and going to spin class. 
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