10 Things You Learn in Your First Semester of College

1.) You Learn Your Way Around Campus

It seems pretty simple, but mastering the location of campus buildings is a must so that you are not the clueless first-year walking around with a map in hand.  While you may not know where everything is, you will at least have the basics down.

2.) You Learn Everything Is Up To You

You decide when you eat, go to class, go to bed, wake up, do homework, etc.  For some, this may be a shock to the system if they are used to a parent constantly monitoring them.  It truly is for the best, though, because whether we like it or not, adulthood is right around the corner.

3.) You Learn Relationships With Professors Are Important And Take An Effort

In high school, all of your teachers most likely knew your name, especially if you are from a small high school.  In college, classes are bigger and don’t meet every day, so sometimes you may not form a personal relationship with a teacher.  Don’t fret though…there are plenty of opportunities to take smaller classes and meet with professors during office hours to get to know them and for them to get to know you. Also, if you really want to make yourself known, you can always reach out to the professor and meet with him or her in person (multiple times of course).

4.) You Learn How To Get Good Grades In Different Classes

Every class and every professor is different. Sometimes, studying class notes to get A's on tests is enough, but, usually, classes require you to go to schedule time to go to office hours, participate in class, take good notes and study them. Take advantage of the resources around you and how you personally learn best!


5.) You Learn How To Live With Other People

This can be one of the trickiest parts of college, but remember: communication is key. And there is always the option to apply for a room change if the situation is dire.

6.) You Learn That Your Family Relationships Change

You get along better with parents, siblings, friends, etc. when you are home because you know you will be home for a limited time. College teaches you to pick your battles. Small things that a loved one does that used to drive you crazy are more tolerable now.  The popular saying “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” proves to be true!

7.) You Learn The Latest Time You Can Wake Up And Still Make It To Class On Time

Pushing limits, breaking new records, and improving your speed-walking game are all part of the morning routine.

8.) You Learn To Appreciate Every Opportunity To Get Off Campus

Although the campus is beautiful, they call it a bubble for a reason.  Seeing new sights and being in a new environment are good for the soul.  Take advantage of any opportunities that arise to engage in the surrounding community, whether it be through arts, service-work, or simply for a bite to eat.

9.) You Learn You Will Have A Favorite Shower/Bathroom Stall

Everyone does!!!

10.) You Learn That There's Nothing Better Than A Home-Cooked Meal

College food can never beat family favorites!