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10 Reasons Why We Will Never Forget Our Freshman Year Roommates

1. Guaranteed Orientation BFF

All you have to do is turn to your right and you have your partner for ice breaker activities/a saved seat in all those long orientation lectures. But maybe make it a point to work on your communication!

2. Embarrassing Moments

They put up with you even when the fire alarm goes off, and you’re in the shower. SO you’re outside in your bathrobe in front of ALL your dormmates. #thatawkwardmomentwhen

3. Guilty Pleasures

They indulge with you as you spend all Sunday Netflix binging or staying in on a Saturday night to eat a tub of ice cream.

4. Loyalty

You are stuck on 3rd floor of dark library as the power goes off, and your new roomie risks her life to save you. That’s when you knew you had a good one.

5. There is always an ear to listen or shoulder to cry on…

They were there when you were homesick or wanted to talk. Likewise, they even stayed up for hours talking to you in circles regarding the ups/downs of a tumultuous year.


6. Partner in Crime

Pizza at 2 am? Your roomie is always down to order that delicious, cheesy mess and regret it with you later. Oops!

7. Put up with each other’s flexible schedules

Remember when you woke your roommate up every morning at 8 am for gen chem :(


8. They have dealt with your screaming nightmares

Did you talk in your sleep or scream in the middle of a nightmare? Well thank your roommate for putting up with your crazy nightime slumber.

9. They were the first person to see how weird you really are

AKA your favorite show is 19 Kids and Counting or you actually do not look as #flawless as your Facebook pro pic #youdidnotwakeuplikethis #NotFLAWLESS

10. They were there for you when you needed them most…

She is your mom away from home and takes care care of you when you’re sick.

There are endless stories and memories that make up a truly life-changing year. So thank your freshman roomie for quite an experience! HC XOXO

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