Why it’s Important to Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Some of you might know this already but it’s super easy to find comfort in the way you behave, speak and emote. You eventually learn to shy away from taking risks, or at least doing something or saying something that’s unlike you. We tend to assume that what appears comfortable is what’s right for us but that’s only because we’re used to it, that’s only because we’ve somehow made a habit out of that way of being.

In truth, it can’t be done overnight. There are particular facts that you need to accept beforehand. The first has to do with you realizing, above all else, that you’ve created a comfort zone for yourself, a safe space that allows you to remain comfortable, to maintain your place within a routine. Secondly, in most cases, that specific comfort zone that you’ve cultivated for yourself will only work to limit you, to limit your potential. If it hasn’t already, it will in the future. There’s really no way around it. The excuses your mind makes slowly begins to influence your thoughts, feelings, and actions in a way that encourages predictability.

Do me a favour and try to think about it for a second. Really think. There are things you continue to do, things you’ve already done, that have had the ability to place you in a bubble. This bubble is preventative in all its ways because it doesn’t want you to step outside its boundaries; it doesn’t appreciate the unfamiliar or change of any kind. Instead of welcoming the new, you learn to cling onto the old for dear life, with a grip that is both unforgiving and fierce.

Take a hold of whatever insecurity you’re harbouring. Show it who’s boss (that’s you, by the way). The moment you do that is the very same moment you put yourself back in the driver’s seat; you take control of your life and all that accompanies it. If you do this, and I mean really permit yourself the opportunity to do this, you will realize things about yourself that you might’ve never before. You will convince as well as teach yourself to accept challenges, to take risks, and overcome the overwhelming security you naively associate with your comfort zone.

It’ll be hard, and you might feel discouraged but that’s reality. It happens. Learn to accept that things might not always be as easy as you hope them to be. And this is not to say that you should completely and entirely change your ways; all this article is advising you beautiful souls to do is step outside your comfort zone sometimes. One last thing, make sure whatever you’re stepping outside your comfort zone for is worth it; make sure it’s something positive; make sure that it has the potential to make you happy.