Six Strong Female Vocalists To Add To Your Playlists

I am addicted to Spotify. When I’m on my laptop and I’m not studying, I’m probably scrolling through playlists, creating new ones, and adding songs to my libraries. I love when people ask for recommendations or ask about my favourite artists, so I have compiled a list of female badass artists to keep you feeling empowered. No matter what your music taste is, you might find at least one artist to add to your playlists!



1. Billie Eilish


Billie Eilish is a 16 year-old American pop singer with a whimsical, electric-pop sound. Her level of talent, especially at such a young age, is unbelievable. Her sound is similar to that of Zella Day mixed with the electric vocals of Troye Sivan. The L.A. born artist’s latest EP, “don’t smile at me,” reflects the assertive mood of the title with bold, powerful songs like “COPYCAT” and “my boy.” Her music is an ensured confidence and mood booster!



2. Echosmith


You might have heard the songs “Cool Kids” and “Bright” on the radio - however, Echosmith has plenty of other positive, carefree songs that are worth adding to your music library. Echosmith is made up of Sydney Sierota and her two brothers, however the group is lead by Sydney’s whimsical vocals. Their album “Talking Dreams” sounds like a breezy summer day mixed with big city dreams. Their latest EP, “Inside A Dream” continues on the path of this light and airy sound, with songs like “Get Into My Car” and “Future Me”. Their albums are perfect for those of you who are dreaming of summer!



3. Lorde


Chances are you’ve heard about Lorde from her single “Royals” or her latest masterpiece album “Melodrama”, but she’s worth the repeated mention. “Melodrama” isn’t just a great example of Lorde’s fierce vocals; the lyrics, the sounds, and the emotional impact each song leaves the listener with make this record memorable. It’s evident she put her heart into every word, from melancholic “Liability” to the truthful “Hard Feelings/Loveless” mix. In addition to the immensely heartfelt lyrics, each song has a distinct sound to express the dramatic feeling, as heard in “Hard Feelings/Loveless” when the song speeds up to match the new carefree attitude Lorde has encountered.



4. Hayley Kiyoko


Hayley Kiyoko is a singer, songwriter, and dancer who has diverse taste in songs. Each of her EP’s have a distinct, different mood, proving Kiyoko can be a jack-of-all-trades. The EP “Citrine” features mainly dark and sultry sounds, while “A Belle to Remember” is playful and upbeat. Aside from being multi-talented, Kiyoko also embraces her sexuality with hits like “Girls Like Girls”, and by singing about LGBTQ+ relationships she encourages listeners to accept themselves and their preferences. Her newest songs, “Curious” and “Feelings” are definitely worth a listen!



5. St. Vincent


Because of her powerful indie rock melodies, St. Vincent is arguably the most badass sounding woman on this list. Her airy yet bold voice, mixed with a blend of rock and indie pop, makes her a unique artist among other indie rock groups. Her album “MASSEDUCTION” features a wide variety of lyrics and sounds, including “Fear The Future”, a bold powerful sounding hit, and “New York”, a melancholic heartfelt ballad. One of my favourites, “Los Ageless”, is a energetic contrast to “New York”, a possible comparison between the East and West coast. Her songs are all perfect for freshening up your music library!



6. Taylor Swift


Maybe I am biased because I’ve been a Taylor Swift fan since I was eight years old. Nevertheless, it’s undeniable that Swift’s new album is remarkable. “Reputation” is wildly different from her previous albums. Swift started out purely country with her self-titled album “Taylor Swift”, and slowly strayed from her country roots. Swift’s previous album, “1989”, was the beginning of a new Taylor, with 80’s inspired dance hits, yet “Reputation” is sultry and dark, with “So It Goes” and “Don’t Blame Me”. Instead of heartbreak, Swift sings about being madly in love and for the first time, being truly content and carefree with “Call It What You Want”. However different “Reputation” may be, Swift still stays true to her roots with the slower emotional ballad, “New Years Day”. Not only are the songs powerful and meaningful, but Swift’s confidence and boldness shine through with each song.