Singles Things to do this Valentine’s Day

Though February 14 is just another day on the calendar, many might fret about being single, just because it happens to be Valentine’s Day. For the single ladies, don’t worry about it! One of my favourite mottos is “treat yo’ self,” so if you’re feeling down, here are a few ideas for you to do on the fourteenth.



Movie Night

Whether you want to binge watch Nicolas Sparks or Hitchcock, today’s the day. You’re doing this for yourself after all! Pour yourself a nice glass of wine, pop some popcorn, and make it a solo thing or a “singles’ night” with friends. If movies aren’t your favourite, take some time out of your schedule to catch up on T.V. shows,  or opt for some reading.



Spa Day

Valentine’s Day falls smack in the middle of the semester while you’re probably stressing over exams. In the name of “treat yo’ self,” give yourself time to relax. It can be a home spa day or  a real spa day, just as long as you de-stress.



Fun Date

You might ask, how can I go on a fun date if I’m single? Worry not, because you don’t need one! Plan out an activity to do with your best friend that’s fun for you both. It can be a classic dinner and a movie pairing, a museum day, or a cool escape room. Whatever you pick, you’re guaranteed to have a great time, because you’ll be with great company.



Do Something New

Along or with friends, you can always try something new. Take a new class that will make you feel good. Always wanted to try out burlesque dancing? Do it! Want to take up pottery? Do it! Whatever it is you’ve always wanted to try out, give yourself the chance to do it. You’ll feel accomplished, and it’ll be worth it.



Think of Valentine’s Day as just another day. If it really bums you out, know that you don’t need anyone to make you feel happy! These activities are for you and you only; whatever makes you feel good, do that this February 14.