Seize the Day, Watch No Tomorrow

I was recently scanning through Netflix for a new series to watch and fell upon CW’s No Tomorrow. Within a weekend, I finished the 13 episodes of season one.

The show follows Evie, played by Canadian actress Tori Anderson, a sweet, hard-working woman who has a tendency of following the rules and laying low in life. While at the farmers market, she meets Xavier played by British actor Joshua Sasse. She runs off after he speaks to her, only to find a package on her doorstep that was meant for him. Taking this as an opportunity, she walks several blocks with the heavy box to his house. They spend the day together, and she finds out he believes a meteor will collide with earth in a few months. He did the math. So he lives each day as though it were his last by checking off or adding things on his “apocalyst,” (basically a bucket list).

The show is cute, and easy to get into. Every episode has the couple seize the day and overcome their fears. The style is playful, and the cusses are removed by scene cuts innuendos, or simply changing it to “frig” in Evie’s case. I normally don’t enjoy characters who change cuss words, because it usually sounds fake, but in the case of Evie, the actress somehow makes it work.

Realistically speaking, most of the activities done in the show aren’t plausible. Xavier is jobless and somehow still manages to plan over the top romantic gestures that no twenty-something-year-old in enormous debt would be able to afford. But the gestures are always cute, and if you’re a sucker for romantic comedies then you’ll get drawn into their story like I did.

What’s more important than the romance is the moral of the show. Xavier encourages Evie to make her own list and to pursue her dreams. Not only that, but he feels the need to motivate every person he meets to do what they truly want. No Tomorrow is about the world’s end and how time is precious. Despite not having a meteor heading for us in the next few months, that thought process is inspiring. It’s the main reason I got hooked. It talks about going for things that you want, or else you’ll regret it.

The show’s future is uncertain, according to TVLine, but even if it is signed for second season or not, CW will provide closure for fans.