This October in Montreal

September came and went, and now it’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’m referring to the beautiful oranges and reds of the leaves, the cooler weather perfect for coffee, and the best of all, it’s Halloween month!

I’ve always considered Halloween as my favourite holiday. Growing up, I looked forward to The Simpson’s Treehouse of Horrors, and all the other Halloween specials that came along with it. But, other than T.V. shows and movies, this year I’d like to broaden my autumn activities and maybe, potentially, actually not be a hermit.

Here are some activities going on in and around Montreal this October that’ll force you out of your homes, and maybe your comfort zones.

  1. Ghost Walk

Every year there’s a ghost walk in the Old Port. You can book a tour during the summer, and autumn. You get the chance to wander those cobbled-streets at night while a guide recounts the stories of hauntings and killing that make the history of Old Montreal. You might even be lucky enough to spot one of the “ghosts,” actors garbed in disheveled, old-fashioned outfits often yelling out their untold stories.


  1. Haunted La Ronde

The best time to go to La Ronde is in October. It’s not too hot for that long lineup at The Goliath, and the park is filled with creepy creatures. The fountain at the entrance pours out blood, while blood-sucking monsters lurk in Vampire Alley. The make-up on those actors is straight out of horror movies. I remember going as a kid and being too frightened to even look at those limping zombies. La Ronde also has haunted houses this month, one that I tried was the clowned-filled Maison Rouge, and despite being terrified, it was awesome.


  1. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

One of my best Halloween experiences was going to watch this cult movie. The Rocky Horror Picture Show plays every year, and allows everyone to cosplay in one of the in one of their favourite characters and participate in the performance. Actors perform while the movie plays behind them making the event nothing like you’ve seen before.

  1. Gardens of Light

October is fun for more than just spooky activities. The Botanical Gardens are having their Gardens of Light event (September 8 to October 31). You can explore the illuminated paths at night and visit the Chinese, Japanese, and First Nations gardens and lights. It’s a beautiful sight to see!


If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, here are some places around Montreal that make a great mini road trip!

  1. Apple Picking

Verger Labonté, about an hour from Montreal (depending from where you are), not only has an orchard for you to explore and pick the reddest apple from, but it also has corn mazes. You get three options varying in difficulties. For each you need to solve puzzles and clues in order to get out, like an outdoor escape room. On October 28 they also have a special Halloween corn maze filled with unsolved mysteries and creepy creatures.

  1. Ghost Towns

If you want to make this road trip longer, and feel like exploring outside the Montreal area, you can try hitting up nearby ghost towns. Ghost towns are inhabited places, making it the perfect place to give you the creeps. You either encounter an actual ghost, or get the chance to take really cool pictures in nice, abandoned locations!   

Check out some spots you can visit here 

There’s much more to do than just watch The Simpsons this time of year, have fun looking out for ghosts around the city!