Meet the Her Campus Concordia Team - Lynn Sharpe

Name: Lynn Sharpe


Age: 20


Program: Major in English & Creative Writing, Minor in Film Studies


Instagram handle: yung___leen

Favourite place you’ve travelled to: Greece or Italy


Guilty pleasure: Eating frozen peas


Favourite book: Considering I’m in English I should probably have one but I don't


Favourite movie: Dazed and Confused


Why did you decide to join Her Campus? I wanted to do an extracurricular as well as do more writing outside of my program, and Her Campus was the perfect fit!


If you weren’t in your major, what would you be studying? Communications, probably


Career aspiration? Screenwriter


iPhone or Android? iPhone


What's your most used emoji? 🤡 or 🤥


Which Friends character are you? Phoebe


What are you currently binging on Netflix? Shameless (again)

Something most people wouldn't assume about you: I have a very messed up sleep schedule


What are your favourite things to do in your spare time?  Play Sims 3


Goals for 2018: Stop biting my nails