Lili Reinhart’s Speech on Body Image on Glamour: My Response

Recently, a video from November 11, 2018 came to my attention, Lili Reinhart’s speech about body image. Even though this is a four month old video, the topic is still relevant today. Everyday, whether we deny it or not, women critique their bodies constantly. Reinhart opens her speech by saying “We exist in a world today where everything can be faked or fixed.” She is right, and it is the sad truth women are facing. We criticize ourselves by looking in the mirror, looking at photos of models on Instagram, watching films or TV shows with skinny, gorgeous actresses, and even just comparing ourselves to someone we see on the street. As women, we have become conditioned to love the image of a skinny woman because that is what society has taught us to do. The problem with that is it trains women to have a rough time loving themselves just the way they are, no matter their weight.


Lili Reinhart focuses on the point that society tells us that if we are too heavy, if we have a hooked nose, or if we have cellulite that we need to alter ourselves to be beautiful. We are all born a certain way and we should not have to feel as if that is a mistake. Reinhart has felt the pressures from the film industry to alter her body through dieting. It makes her feel that her body is not skinny enough when she is already a healthy, beautiful woman. She received backlash from people on the internet saying that she did not have the right to critique her body and her fluctuating weight since she is skinny. Reinhart realized that it seemed inappropriate for someone her size to be talking about weight gain when there are women who have more reason to feel ashamed of their body. Although, she could not help it since she works for an industry that makes her feel like she needs to be hyper aware of her body and to apologize for it as she mentions in her speech.




Personally, I think it is appropriate for Lili Reinhart to say something about body image because she shows young women that no one should tell you to alter yourself. Of course, there are some circumstances where women want to change their body for health reasons, but it should be done in a healthy fashion. I can understand why some women thought it was inappropriate for her to have body issues when she is average size, but Reinhart reminds us that women of every size has body issues. I experience body issues every so often, and I am average size like Lili Reinhart. It is difficult somedays to feel good about yourself because you feel like you have to compete for a better body. The truth is, there is no “better body,” but it is understandable how difficult it can be to tell yourself that your body is beautiful the way it is.


The modeling and film industry is notorious for body shaming woman, and Reinhart has experienced what it is like to be critiqued in the industry. Women always feel the need to strive to be thinner and thinner. Celebrities, whether we deny it or not, are major role models, and their fans aspire to be like them. There are positive celebrity role models out there like Lili Reinhart herself making this speech, but there are others like Amy Schumer who talks about body positivity in her stand-up, and Rihanna in her runway show for her cosmetic line Fenty by having models of every shape, size, and color. Although, there are also negative celebrity role models out there too. There are celebrities who endorse certain diet fads to get women, young women especially, to be like them such as the Kardashians with their gummy, tea, waist trainers, and other product ads on Instagram. There is no sense of self-love being endorsed in the photos they are posting on social media about using products to be thinner. It is sad that women who have the ability to be positive role models for young women choose to send the wrong message because posting gets them money.

Reinhart’s speech is really reassuring because it makes me realize that I should love my body, no matter its flaws. Cellulite, rolls, noses, boobs, butts, etc should not define our beauty. Even though we have been taught to cherish perfection, we should cherish our flaws as perfection to ourselves. Reinhart reminds us that we are all different, and we cannot expect to be anyone else but our unique selves. I think it’s an important reminder to love ourselves as we are. She concludes her speech by saying “Natural beauty does not exclude anyone. There is no final print. You can be naturally beautiful with acne, or scars, cellulite, or curves. So let’s celebrate each other and ourselves as we are, as we will be, and as we were meant to be unique, imperfect, beautiful, and so incredibly powerful.” These words are so encouraging and inspiring, and we should take these words and spread them to others and ourselves. I recommend giving her speech a listen because it really is beautifully said. I hope her words make you love your body and yourself for the way you are, or atleast spark a feeling of joy for being you and no one else.