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I thought I Knew My Size: A Zaful Bikini Review

There I was, scrolling through Zaful’s website wondering to myself; how did I get here? It seemed as though in a blink of an eye, I was shopping online instead of completing an assignment.


As I was scrolling through the bathing suits, I was imagining myself looking just as good as the models, despite our obvious body shape differences. But I was hopeful, and I thought to myself, models come in all different shapes and sizes, what is there to be afraid of?


See, I usually don’t purchase things online. I may add a good 20 to 30 items in my cart, but I always talk myself out of actually proceeding to the payment.


This time however, was different. This time, I proceeded to checkout, and the next thing I knew, my credit card numbers were being punched in. I don’t know what got to me, I don’t know if it was the self-positivity about my body that wanted to prove to myself that I would look fine in these bathing suits, or if it was just an impulse purchase due to my curiosity. Nonetheless, I couldn’t go back.


So here is my experience with Zaful’s bikinis:


I ordered four bikinis in the size medium, which was a big mistake! Now, I did some research before purchasing, they even had an option where you could see other people wearing the bikini other than models. I thought I was in the clear!


Turns out a lot of Zaful’s products come from Hong Kong and are different sizes than I am used to.



Another thing I personally experienced with Zaful is the long delivery time. I think it took about two months before I received all of the bathing suits, and they didn’t come all at once: I got two the first time, and the next two came at different times.


I think my main mistake was the sizing. Had I ordered them in large, maybe they would’ve looked better, but I still think the quality is pretty terrible nonetheless.


First of all, the bathing suits that have white on the inside all show the white when you’re wearing it. This meaning that when I put the suits on, the white is not properly aligned so it sticks out in some places.


For the green bikini, the top was way too big and the bottom was way too small!


Also, these bathing suits are super cheeky! Meaning that your butt cheeks are very visible (just letting you know in case you don’t like that).


The only reason I am not totally against trying Zaful again is because I ordered mine in the wrong size, and we all know how the wrong sizes can go. The sad thing about Zaful bikinis is they don’t accommodate all types of bodies and sizes. They stick to the thin/slender body type.


So if you’ve got a muffin top (represent!) I wouldn’t recommend buying one of these bathing suits unless maybe they’re high waisted!


Overall, these bikini’s are definitely a reflection of their price. I mean, you’re getting a great price on most of these but their quality definitely isn’t up there! Maybe that should’ve been a better hint.


Now I want to try Fashionova, so let’s see if their bikini quality truly reflects their pricing!

Kami Katopodis

Concordia CA '19

President of HC Concordia • Poet • Major in Human Relations • Minor in Diversity in the Contemporary World •
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