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I Subscribed to Subscription Boxes

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Concordia CA chapter.

Everyone likes presents. But the fact that you usually have to wait till December, a birthday or even a special event can seem like too long of a wait to unwrap something. Subscription boxes are a way that not only allows you to try out new products that you would have never thought to try, but they can also imitate the feeling of receiving a box full of presents every month. Today, it seems like there is a subscription box for everything, ranging from snacks to razors, for male, female or even pets. If there are items you want delivered to your home, there is probably a box that can fill your needs.

There is a downside to these amazing boxes. Due to the lack of Canadian subscription boxes companies, Canadian subscribers are left to dealing with American prices which isn’t so nice for our wallets. After researching what I wanted to try out of what I had seen on Facebook and Instagram ads, I decided to put three boxes to the test- one for books, one for beauty, and a variety box.


It is no surprise that this box was going to be one that I tried out. Those close to me know that my love for books and collecting them has become somewhat of a problem, especially when it comes to my wallet. I did check out other book boxes but found that they either catered to one specific genre or didn’t offer much for their price. Owlcrate offers a unique experience because every month’s box revolves around a specific theme, and everything it holds is catered to that theme. The best way to keep track of each theme is to follow OwlCrate on Instagram, where they are announced along with a vague description of the book and other included items. Each box has one hardcover young adult novel as well as three to five thematized items. Some of the items I have received are coffee blends, jewelry, tote bags, and even socks!

The first box I bought was in May 2017, and its theme was Comic Explosion. Not only was I getting a new novel, but the package combined the love of all things comic and heros into one box.

The process to purchase one of these boxes is simple.  Subscribe by choosing between three packages- monthly, every three months or six months. The monthly price is  $29.99 USD+ tax, and if there is a month that you would rather not have there is also the option to skip specific months and not pay.

You can also check out their website to check out past boxes and for further details.


Do not let the name of the box confused you. This box targets all women, whether they are single or not! The creators of the box states, “At SinglesSwag we do not subscribe to any societal or cultural expectations on women. We believe a woman’s happiness is determined by her outlook and attitude, not by her relationship status.” Their boxes are filled with all sorts of goodies to make a woman feel beautiful as well as inspired and empowered.

In each box, there are full-sized products that are handpicked. Each month, you will discover organic bath and beauty products, fashion accessories, treats, as well as other fun surprises. Customers can choose between two different sized boxes, one containing three to four items, and a larger box with six to seven products.

This one is great because it gave me products that I would never have thought to try out for myself. It also shows the actual retail value of each item so you are able to see how much you are actually saving by purchasing the subscription box instead of the individual items. While I did enjoy all the products in the box, the toner I received was by far the product that I would recommend the most to any of my friends after getting to try it out from this box. I have been using the organic and natural Naobay toner every morning since. My morning isn’t started till I get my spray on. This product also inspired me to try out my next subscription box.

Similarly to the Owlcrate boxes, you start off with a subscription of either a month, three or six months. The prices start at $39.99 USD for the biggest box and $24.99USD for the smallest box, excluding the shipping cost. 

Check out their Instagram as well as their website which allows you to see past boxes and any further information.

Vegancuts: Beauty Box

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that affects my skin. Because of that, I am hyper aware of what beauty products I use on my skin. With vegan products, I feel more confident and comfortable lathering  products on my skin. Vegancuts is a company that offers three types of subscription boxes-one for beauty, one for makeup and one for snacks. While I do not consider myself involved in the vegan lifestyle, seeing how my favourite food aside from pancakes are chicken sandwiches,vegan beauty products are something that I try to incorporate in my routine whenever I get the chance.

The Vegan Beauty box is the one that I decided to try out last summer. In each box the company includes four or more full-sized skin care or cosmetics products. Their products are 100 per cent vegan, cruelty-free and contain non-toxic ingredients.

One of the cool things about this company is that their website not only offers more information on the boxes themselves but also a marketplace where you can purchase items that you may not have received in your monthly box or from a different type of box that you had your eye on. They also have a blog where you can find vegan recipes, articles on beauty, health and fitness and even the environment. The company seeks to educate the reader on the topic of veganism as much as possible.

Their monthly box only costs $29.90, and buyers have the option to choose from a monthly to a yearly paid service.

While I did enjoy the more natural products and a view into the life of veganism, I have to say that this was my least favourite out of the three boxes I have tried. It was in no way disappointing ,and if you are a vegan,entertaining the idea of becoming one or even just enjoy more natural products, I would still recommend checking out this company. In my case, the products weren’t worth the wait time or amount I spent.

As I said before,  there is a box for everything. So, if you have the money and want to reward yourself with a box full of gifts, why not try it for a month. Simply make sure that you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Ashley Cohen

Concordia CA '21

Ashley Cohen is a born Montrealer and studies English Literature at Concordia Unversity. She one day hopes to be a developmental editor for a big publishing house she now enjoys being a copy editor and honing in her skills. She is a sister of Delta Phi Epsilon sorority. She is passionate about books, food and animals especially her dog Chelsea.
Kheyra King

Concordia CA '21

Kheyra King is a Montreal-born city girl studying English Literature at Concordia University. She is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Concordia and the Vice President of Recruitment of Delta Phi Epsilon. She loves coffee dates, traveling and pasta. You will definitely catch her studying at the local Starbucks or Webster Library.