Good Grub, Glam and Grapes at Le Majestique

4105 St-Laurent Blvd. Open 7 days a week, from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. Kitchen open until 2 a.m. every day.

On St-Laurent Blvrd., food and drink options are definitely not lacking.  But one of its many spots is offering up a simultaneously glamourous and comfortable experience.

When you walk through the front door of Le Majestique, the attention to detail in the decor becomes quickly apparent.  The centrepiece is the long bar, wide enough to comfortably wine and dine for hours with a friend or partner.

You can also opt for bigger, wider tables with booths, or smaller tables with high stools, perfect for small groups of two to four.  The decor is a blend of a trendy Québécois rustic look, with lots of wood, mismatched stools and unexpected knick-knacks, and a more polished roaring twenties style with chandeliers, jazz music and old-fashioned apparatus. The lighting is warm and soft, offering up a more grown-up and intimate feel.

The menu reinforces the polished look of the place.  Le Majestique is known for their extensive natural and organic wine list, a list sommelier Benoit Saint-Hilaire says he updates weekly, with a focus on private imports.  Saint-Hilaire says he values a good customer-provider relationship.  “These people are like my friends, I trust them,” says Saint-Hilaire.

Saint-Hilaire also values the sommelier-customer relationship.  He wants customers to live a good wine experience, one that caters to their personal tastes.

The food on the menu is very French, with an upscale feel.  The P.E.I. oyster platter is awesome: the oysters fresh, the presentation impressive, and the fittings succulent and original.

Other items on the menu include an asparagus salad, a charcuterie platter, a high-class hotdog and delicious french fries with a homemade aioli.  Basically, perfect upscale nibbles for the perfect 5 à 7.  While the spot isn’t cheap, it isn’t outrageous, and for the quality of the eats and drink…it’s worth it.

The dish that stole the show for me, was the chocolate and sour cherry cake.  The chocolate cake is infused with coffee and served with delicious acidic cherries and a fresh and light whipped cream on the side.  While sounding like a rich and heavy-duty dish, the dessert was pleasantly light and airy.

All in all, Le Majestique offers up an experience that makes you feel valued as a customer. It’s my new go-to spot for a treat yoself experience.