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I recently began posting my lunches on Snapchat because of how cute I thought they were, and I got so many positive comments about them! Now that I’m slowly going back to work, I’m trying to resume a normal schedule, and that hopefully means eating better as well. 

When my schedule was still normal, I decided to buy a bento box. I had one beforehand from Walmart, but it was in the shape of a square and difficult to travel with as I would have to stand it on its side to fit in my bag. Unless I had only packed dry snacks that day, I was always worried I would spill something. Unfortunately, that worry had come true one too many times. 

I came across this one on Amazon, and I liked it because it was taller, and I could stand it upright in my tote without risking having it spill. It was also compact and inexpensive; two of the major things I wanted in a lunch container. I recently bought silicone cupcake liners to separate my dips and fruit and it has made meal prepping much easier! 


When I was still physically going to school and work, my days were usually quite long, so having different meals was essential. The bottom compartment is the biggest, so I often place meals like pasta, grain bowls or a wrap. I often use the middle section for medium-sized meals, such as hummus and pita and different salad types. Finally, I use the top section for snacks such as fruit, veggies, and granola bars. 

I try to keep it healthy yet filling in terms of what I pack in this bento box.. In the past year, I’ve been trying to eat vegetarian. I’ve never eaten red meat, but I haven’t been able to completely cut out chicken yet. I do tend to eat a lot of pasta, but I’ve been trying to have more balanced meals, so I don’t feel tired and unhealthy all the time. 

My lunch inspiration comes primarily from Pinterest. I often search for things like “college meals” or “work lunch”, since those results will likely be meals that are cost efficient, quick and commuter friendly. I also prefer to have cold meals, while at work and school, since I don’t have to use microwaves (I already don’t love using my own microwave, but I really hate using shared ones!)

On any given day, my lunch might look like this: 


Big container: basmati rice and chana masala 

Middle container: pita bread and hummus 

Top container: Green grapes and cherries


If I have a long day, I might switch the middle compartment for something more filling, like a power salad. I also still throw extra granola bars in my bag along with my bento box, just in case! 

I love having this type of lunch box, as I’m able to place so many different meals and snacks into it at the same time. It’s extremely functional for anyone who has a life on the go!


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Photo by Ola Mischenko from Unsplash

Kheyra King

Concordia CA '21

Kheyra King is a Montreal-born city girl studying English Literature at Concordia University. She is the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus at Concordia and the Vice President of Recruitment of Delta Phi Epsilon. She loves coffee dates, traveling and pasta. You will definitely catch her studying at the local Starbucks or Webster Library.