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Five Things to Watch on Netflix if You Love the Royal Family

With The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announcing their pregnancy and Princess Eugenie getting married, this past month has been very British Royal Family centred. A fun, yet surprisingly little-known fact is that as Canada is part of the British Commonwealth, and the Queen of England serves as our Head of State, the British Royal Family is alternately known as the Canadian Royal Family. Fortunately, our Netflix offers a wide array of Royal Family content, from movies to documentaries to TV series!


  1. The Crown

A Netflix fan-favourite, The Crown is a series centered around the time of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation in 1952 and the years following. The series documents the supposed tough marriage between Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip. It also documents the Queen’s relationship to politics, raising her children and adapting to becoming queen at only 25 years old. There are currently only two seasons, but the highly anticipated season three will be coming to Netflix soon enough!



  1. Diana: In Her Own Words

The late Diana, Princess of Wales is by far my most favourite royal of all-time (we also share a birthday, so it was meant to be). This documentary, based on her biography written by Andrew Morton, features voice recordings of the princess in secret interviews and tells her life story: from her upbringing, to royal life and its hardships, to the near-end of her life. It is both an emotional and heartfelt documentary, but a must-see for any Royal Family lover.



  1. The Royal House of Windsor

This docu-series follows the House of Windsor from its formation to the present day. If you are just starting out in the world of the British Royal Family, this would be a great place to begin, as the family tree and houses are confusing to almost everyone, and this series explains the modern-day royal family’s roots, starting around the First World War.



  1. PBS Secrets series

PBS has produced many short and interesting documentaries on Netflix that focus on Royal establishments. From Westminster Abbey to the Tower of London, these documentaries go deeper into the history of the Royal Family and the many different locations they claimed across England and the stories behind them. If you love history, these mini documentaries are a must watch for you.



  1. The King’s Speech

This 2007 movie stars Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter as King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. When King George VI’s elder brother, King Edward, abdicated the throne in 1936, an unprepared George had to step in as King of England, which included giving the 1939 declaration of war speech. This movie is unique as it dives into the tougher side of being a royal and finding it difficult to cope with being given such a large task on such extreme and sudden circumstances.


Edited by: Amanda Cloutier-Santos

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