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Five Steps to a Holly Jolly Festive Party

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Concordia CA chapter.

‘Tis the season for loud, rowdy, punch-fueled Christmas parties. A festive party is one of the best things about the Christmas season. Putting on red lipstick, preparing a pot of mulled wine, spending time with friends and loved ones—that’s what the season is all about! Hosting a party can be a bit stressful though. However, it can also be gratifying once you see everyone enjoying your celebration so much.  Here are five steps to make your next Christmas party the most talked about until New Year’s Eve.

  1. Some original drinks and snacks

If you’re hosting at Christmas time, making sure guests have food and drinks comes with the territory. Have fun with it. You don’t need to spend crazy amounts of money putting together a cute punch and snack display. Get creative! Think spices and herbs. Anything from rosemary simple syrup to a sugar plum inspired rum-based punch will surely get some good oohs and ahs from your friends. Whether it’s a big pot of Baileys hot chocolate or some Prosecco with a bit of cherry brandy, Christmas drinks are fun to play around with. Depending on how your friends party, consider making a non-alcoholic punch or mulled “wine” to save on money and some rowdiness. Then maybe prepare a “fun” punch on the side. For snacks, keep it simple but fun. Make a nice cheese platter with some grapes, and add some cut up figs to add colour and Christmas flavour!

  1. Be strategic with the music

Not everyone wants to listen to Mariah Carey’s Christmas jams all night (unfortunately), so be strategic with the music. When guests start arriving, go crazy on the Christmas tunes. Try some Mariah, a She and Him Christmas album, or even the Love Actually soundtrack. Start your party off with some real Christmas magic. As the party gets going though, you might want to switch to some groovin’ tunes to get people moving.  The end of the night is always a good time to switch back to the Christmas classics and finish off with some Christmas magic.

  1. Mandatory dress code

This is the best part.  It’s your place, it’s your party, why not take advantage of that power? Muahaha! You could call for the classic ugly Christmas sweater party, or maybe a onesie party or, my personal favourite, a black tie party. Just make sure the vibe and decorations reflect the dress code. If you called for black tie and the only thing you have out are candy canes and Cheetos, it can kill the vibe a bit. If you’re demanding fanciness, present fanciness—it makes the overall experience more fun.

  1. Clear it with your neighbours

If you live in the city, chances are you have close neighbours. There’s nothing more stressful than worrying all night that you’re making too much noise. In Montreal, the cut-off time for noise-making is 11 p.m. Since you will probably want to keep the party going until after 11, give your neighbours a ring four days to a week prior to your big bash, or even prepare them a nice letter. Explain that you are having some friends over to celebrate Christmas and that if there’s anything, they can text or call you. Include your number and maybe even a little chocolate in their mailbox with the letter for good measure. Sometimes, inviting them to the party can be a good way of making them feel included and understanding. They may not come, but just being invited might make them more sympathetic to the cause. If you can’t beat em’, join em’!

  1. Skip presents

In my experience, having secret Santa parties or asking guests to bring something has never worked out. People shouldn’t have to spend money on a game you decided to organize at your party.  Make the night about memories, laughs, drinks and sweets rather than present opening.  If you want to buy a cheeky little present for the beer pong tournament winner, that can be a good idea. I just think emphasis on presents, especially at parties, is never the best idea.

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Krystal Carty

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Krystal Carty is a second year journalism student and the founding member of the Concordia chapter of Her Campus. Her interests include drinking copious amounts of caffeine and spending as much time with her adorable rescue dog as possible. Krystal has a degree in sarcasm and a love for all things pop culture.