Fashion Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm But Cute This Winter

The winter months can be hard for many reasons. The cold weather, the short days, the snow everywhere, it can all really get you down. Often, this can affect the effort you put into your outfits. It may seem like style is of little consequence in the harsh weather, but wearing fun outfits that you enjoy can really help you feel better. By bringing a little imagination into your warm ensembles, the season will be a little more bearable.

Turtlenecks Under Everything

My favourite trend from this winter is layering long-sleeves, especially turtlenecks under everything. A turtleneck shirt can add an extra layer of warmth to any outfit, without much bulk. Wearing one under a short sleeve shirt will give your outfit a skater edge, think 90’s grunge or even Avril Lavigne. Layering shirts like this will expand your winter wardrobe since you can wear some lighter shirts, not usually for the winter months over your turtleneck.


Leggings Are Your Best Friend

If you live in a cold climate, you know there’s nothing worse than a breeze shooting up your pant leg. If you’re a fan of wider jeans, especially the mom-jeans trend, it’s super important to layer leggings underneath to keep you dry and warm. Sometimes it can be tricky to layer leggings since you don’t want the bottoms poking out of your pants, so this tip pears best with higher boots or socks to tuck your leggings into.


Invest in some Sturdy Boots

As much as many of us cringe at the idea of splurging, winter boots are an important staple in any cold-weather girl’s repertoire. In a snowy climate, waterproof boots with good traction are necessary to prevent any ice-related disasters. I don’t know how many times my trusted Blundstones have saved me from a busted lip on the Montreal streets. Sometimes sensible winter boots are a bit of an investment, but your warm toes will thank you for choosing something durable. Brands like Blundstone, Sorrell, and Columbia are good places to start to find something long-lasting but still cute.


Embrace Colour

Just because the sky might be grey doesn’t mean you need to dress like it. Many of get into a rut of only wearing black and neutrals in the winter, but that’s not the only option in these cold months. Wearing a colourful outfit can give you that spark of joy you need to get through the dreary weather. Puffer jackets have become a huge trend this winter, so why not try one in a bright red or neon to counteract the sea of black coats walking down the street?


Scarfs Aren’t Just For Utility

Scarfs are needed to keep you warm in a snowy climate, but they’re often pretty boring, but they don’t have to be. Look for scarves with bright colours or fun graphics to spice up an otherwise dull outfit. Additionally, large scarves are great for going outdoors to indoors. I always take my huge blanket scarf with me to school so I can wrap it around my shoulders for some extra warmth in cold classrooms.