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Concordia Reacts to the 2016 U.S. Election

It’s official: the new president of the United States is Donald J. Trump. Most of us discovered the news while scrolling through our usual social media feeds in the morning. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube were all buzzing about it. It’s no secret that, for many, today was a sad day as the reality set in. 

No matter what our opinions are, there is one thing we can all agree on: This is a significant moment in history, concerning a man who now has the power to make huge changes to the world we live in. 

We asked fellow Concordians what their reactions to this morning’s results were, and here are some of the answers they sent in:


“I’m not American, but I’m scared. Not only for the Muslims, Mexicans, LGBT+ people, blacks, women and any other minority groups in this not-so-United States, but frankly for the entire world.” –Steinunn Friõriksdóttir, Concordia University

“Surprised. Shocked. How is this even possible? How come the predictions were so wrong? Why would people choose [him] over someone who has experience and knows what she’s doing. So unfair to her, she worked all her life for this. […] I’m scared for family and friends in the US, for minorities, for gays, [and] for women.” –Fatine Bouanane, Economics at Concordia University

“This says so much about the Unites States of America.” – Anonymous, John Molson School of Business

“Guess I gotta get used to being grabbed by the pussy if I want to visit the US” – Dahlia B., Sociology and sexuality at Concordia University

“How did America go from the first black president to a president endorsed by the KKK? Also, what’s the point of teaching children respect, hard work and kindness, humbleness etc.  All these qualities are what it takes to achieve big things when you now have the prime example that the complete opposite can do the same. Forget the “American Dream” this is an American NIGHTMARE.” –Bianka Lazarre, Psychology at Concordia University

“You can meme a man into the white house” –Kevin Jacobs, Student at Concordia University

“Scared shitless because I’ll never be able to enter America once Trump changes his immigration policy, because he associates my ethnicity with terrorism.” Christina Bradley, Political Science at Concordia University

“Michele Obama for 2020, and then her daughters, Malia Obama for 2028, and Sasha Obama for 2036 #keeptheobamasinthewhitehouse” –Dana Renaud, Student at John Molson School of Business

“Is Canada too close to the United States? Should I move Farther?” –Calli Barnes, Therapeutic Recreation at Concordia University


“This just shows that a terrifying amount of Americans are racist and sexist and xenophobic. It’s depressing, but it’s not complicated. That’s how he won.” –Yasmine Ait Bihi, President of CASA Cares at John Molson School of Business

“Even Bush is going: “this is too much.”” –Salman Kazrooni, International Business & Finance at John Molson School of Business

“[…] He managed to surprise me by winning, therefore I truly hope he will surprise me by being a good president. Optimism is all we can look up to at the moment. […] All we can do is wait and see.” –David Bayat, Mathematics & Statistics at Concordia University

“Good news is the election was not rigged…Bad news is the election was not rigged.” –Christopher Dufort, Software Engineering/Programming at Concordia University

“My heart is broken today. Not [because] Trump will be president, but [because] there are so many people in that country who believe that racism, bigotry and bullying is OK.” –Rahul Ranjan, Cyber-Security at Concordia University

“What most rational people dismissed as a joke became a reality today. The border between us and our southern neighbours has never been so defined.” –April Tardif, Political Science & Human Rights at Concordia University

“It’s actually going to be an aquarium between Mexico and the US, saltwater aquatic creatures sustained by the tears of democrats.” –Hani Qu, Industrial Engineering at Concordia University

“I am a dual citizen in both Canada and the U.S. […] My hands are shaking and I feel like a fire has been lit within me. […] We don’t have an obligation to respect this man now that he is president for he has not in any way earned it on an ethical level. […] As an added note to all my fellow Americans who are female, people of colour, LGBTQ+, and of religious minorities, you are so loved and I apologize that the election’s results did not reflect that tonight.” –Darcy Valentine Stack, Creative Writing & Political Science at Concordia University

“Will Trump give Brock Turner a pardon for his 15 minutes of action?” –Felix Lorrain-Hamel, President of JMMA at John Molson School off Business

“There are no words to describe how I feel. America has had the privilege to try to lead by example and uphold principles. [Today] the American people failed.” –Anonymous, Concordia University

“Still speechless” –Isaiah Joyner, Student at John Molson School of Business

“Kanye for president 2020” –Kayla Caticchio, Marketing at John Molson School of Business

“I felt hurt. Not only as a woman, but as a black woman. The things Trump has said about women and people of colour is [particularly] cringe worthy. It pains me to see that the American people can still allow someone so spiteful, dishonest and distasteful run one of the most powerful countries in the world.” –D’Anté Hanna, Political Science at Concordia University

“I take consolation in the fact that sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before a revolution can happen.” –Emily Roque, Religious Studies & International Studies in Sexuality at Concordia University

“[Enraged] that an overqualified woman will still be passed up for someone as revolting as Trump” –Sophie Hough, History & Political Science at Concordia University

“What the f*ck America?” –Clémence Berthomieu, Exchange Student at John Molson School of Business

“Last night, I sat in a bar with a bunch of friends, and all of us had our eyes glued to the TVs, scared and in shock that America [just] turned the clocks back a few hundred years.” –Athena Sita, History at Concordia University


Clearly, Concordia students are not too pleased with the results. It saddens me that so many people are discouraged on this day, a day that should have been filed with cheers for a man or woman who was elected by the people, all the people. Not just by white people. However, I am so glad to see all the students come together in opposition, it gives me hope for our generation, seeing that students’ values are growing from those of the current majority. This election may bring change, but don’t let it change you, Concordia. As Obama said last night, “The sun will come up in the morning.” 

Alex is a student at John Molson School of Business, currently undertaking a major in marketing as part of the co-operative program, with the goal of pursuing a career in the advertising industry. Travelling, fashion, videography and photography, as well as good food and good wine are some of her favourite things.
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