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Caught a cold? Top seven recipes that will make you feel better

With winter comes Holiday joy, cozy sweaters, and, of course, sniffles. Sleep and some medicine can help you fight off that pesky cold, but doesn’t a nice big bowl of something hot just instantly make you feel better? These five recipes will help bring some comfort and warmth to your chilly soul. Why not send these to a friend (or your mom) to let them know what you want them to cook for you when you’re miserable and sniffly? Even better, bring some to a sick friend and they’ll love you forever.


1) Spicy Chicken Soup



This spicy version of a comfort food classic will definitely boost your moral. Plus, using rotisserie chicken cuts the effort in half, without sacrificing flavour. Recipe and photo by Bon Appétit. Get it here


2) Italian Vegetable Soup


This extra hearty soup will give you all the vegetables and protein you need to help your body fight off whatever virus is trying to take you down. The recipe is easy and only takes 30 minutes to make! Recipe and photo by Carlsbad Cravings. Get it here


3) Kimchi Fried Rice



Spicy kimchi will whip you back into shape and wake your senses up. Plus, fried rice is super comforting because, well, carbs. Recipe and photo by No Recipes. Get it here 


4) Pho Bo (Vietnamese beef and noodle soup)



Pho is my favourite thing to eat when I’m sick. I usually get a heaping bowl filled with long noodles and thin slices of beef at a small Vietnamese place in downtown Montreal. I add all the basil I can possibly fit in the bowl and breathe in the steam from the savoury broth. Pho is a great thing to fill your belly with when you’re sick. It will make you feel alive again. Here is a simpler version of the soup that’s easy to make and comes pretty close to the original! Recipe and photo by Mark Bittman from the New York Times. Get it here 


5) Côte d’Azur Cure-All Soup



This soup literally has ten cloves of garlic in it. If it doesn’t cure your cold, at least you’ll be fighting off vampires! Recipe and photo by Chowhound.com. Get it here 


6) Homemade Flu Buster



This DIY flu buster will help you fight your cold symptoms with fire! The cayenne pepper and lemon will surely kick your runny nose’s a**. Recipe and photo by Trois Fois Par Jour. Get it here 


7) Hot Toddy


Hot toddies are the best for when you’re feeling meh. Lemon and honey are a match made in heaven, and the booze makes it all even better…or at least it will help you sleep. Recipe and photo by Sooz Cooks. Get it here

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