The Big Launch: Cinzia and the Eclipse

The small hairdresser’s on Saint-Laurent was packed on the night of October 11, 2018, the warmth fogging up the shop’s wide windows, and causing the pink and purple lights to blur behind the name Danny’s Coiffure. After six months of the band being together, Cinzia and the Eclipse revealed a sneak peak to their closest fans of their debut single, “Out of Love.”


Having listened to Cinzia’s music before as a solo artist, I was expecting a more indie ballad, and instead was given a lively pop song. “Out of Love” is about, you guessed it, falling out of love, but the song doesn’t convoke sadness; it’s upbeat tune shines a positive light to the sober lyrics.  



Cinzia, Chase Atwood Steele, and Massimo Venturino joined forces a about six months ago. Their chemistry was instant and natural. Cinzia and Chase met a few years ago when Chase asked her to audition for the band he was in at the time. Timid about performing publicly, Cinzia never ended up going. It was only two years later, when Chase went to one of her early shows as a solo artist, that the two decided to play music together. During this session, he played a guitar riff to “If You Ever Want to be in Love” by James Bay—which happens to be one of Cinzia’s favourite musicians.


When Cinzia worked up the courage to ask him to form a band with her, it was awkward. She felt like she was asking him out.


Massimo joined after, when they needed a drummer. “From the first time I heard Cinzia sing, I was just blown away by her voice, and her unique sound. When I saw the both of them together, I just wanted to somehow be a part of it,” Massimo explained.


The trio don’t actively search for musicians, they just fall upon the right person. That’s how their bassist, Gina Kennedy, joined before she moved out of province. Once they connect with someone and the music they play together works, they know they’ve found a new family member.


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For a young band, their fanbase is growing. People they worked with in the past are very helpful with their project, says Cinzia. “It’s crazy that we’re getting so much support in such a small amount of time.”


In its early stages, the band was known as Cinzia, but one day, after an interview with CJLO, they decided to change it. The music they make is a collective work, and so they decided to alter their name. “The songs wouldn’t be at the level they’re at without the guys, so it was super important to me that everyone is represented,” said Cinzia.


“Out of Love” went through a lot of changes from its conception. The ballad started off ominous, Cinzia says, but ones Chase added guitar riffs, and Massimo brought in a groovy, drum sound, the song did a full 360.  


The song officially launched October 26, 2018 on various platforms, including Spotify.

The band has taken a break from performing live, and despite missing the rush of the stage, will continue their pause to work on an EP that is planned to be released mid in 2019.