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Your Back-to-School Pep Talk

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Chicago chapter.

It’s the first week of school – the time that everybody dreads. Whether you’re overwhelmed by feelings of nervousness, exhaustion or excitement – we have all experienced going back to school or heading back into a normal routine after a bit of a vacation. It almost feels like you need motivation just to make it through the first day. And for college students – you go through that same “first day” struggle for a whole week since not everyone is going to classes every day like high school. So here’s the motivational pep talk from a third-year college student to kick off the semester.

Hi there! Congrats on making it this far in the college game. You’ve traveled from some distance to get here to this point and I commend you for that. Now, I know that this may be a daunting time for you right now but I’m here to tell you that you ARE going to survive.

To those who are on this rollercoaster that is college for the first time (aka college freshmen) – you survived high school! What seems like the four longest years of your life are over and you are in the next stage of your life. I am so glad to see you here joining us. It may seem like a new world now but I can guarantee you it’s not as scary as it looks. These are the years for you: to learn who you are, how you’re going to contribute to society, start living for yourself and what you want out of life. You are going to learn so many new things, learn about new people and make many mistakes along the way. You’re also going to hit some important milestones in life and get ready for the “real world” that is life after school. There’s going to be a lot going on in these next four years but you are going to be successful and I believe in you.

To those who are returning – you made it. You are now one step closer to crossing the finish line that is graduation. Wether you’re a sophomore or a senior you are making moves to head out there and starting your career path and hitting those goals you’ve always dreamed of. I know it may seem like it’s taking forever to get there but you are going to get there before you know it. Try and enjoy these memories that you are making in this moment because before you know it they’re going to be gone. You are going to have such a kick-ass semester that come the spring you aren’t even going to need any kind of motivational speech because you already know that you’re going to be amazing. This seems like a broken record because you’ve done this already quite a few times but it’s just one of those things that you have to do: break the ice so that you can kick things off. And who knows, maybe you’ll meet some great people today.

So to all of those going back to school: show them exactly what you’re made of. Be who you are and show them all the reasons that you’re great. You’re going to do great things and I can’t wait to see them all.

Welcome back to the game!

Melanie Medrano

Columbia Chicago '21

A music-enthused entertainment journalist who wants to share her voice with the world - one article at a time.