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photos by lanty zUU73lEdcBU unsplash
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Why I love the iPhone 11

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Chicago chapter.

After the newest iOS update on my iPhone 6s, the battery could no longer take it. I would have it fully charged overnight and after just a few hours i would have to charge it all over again—not easy as a college student! 

Luckily, I had an upgrade available with AT&T so I decided to get the iPhone 11 in the color purple, and the verdict? I absolutely love it. 

Firstly, the process of transferring everything over was incredibly easy and done within about 40 minutes. I wasn’t missing any of my photos, contacts or apps.

Right away I tried out the camera, the feature I was most excited for! It comes with two cameras that produce amazing pictures. Just this Friday, I was able to zoom in and get great shots and video of Lana Del Rey at her concert. Moments like this are when you need something this quality. 

In addition, the screen is huge, and the battery lasts the entire day. One thing I had to get used to was the no home button—but I adjusted right away and it seems to make navigating now even easier.

It also comes with facial recognition which makes me feel an even stronger, just-in-case security. 

I got a clear phone case to show off the cute purple I had chosen and a screen protector of course. 

Overall, I love my new phone and I definitely recommend the 11. It’s cheaper than the other versions of the 11 which are the iPhone 11 pro and the iPhone 11 pro Max, and really I’m just as happy with the quality with just one less camera. 

Can’t wait to continue utilizing this long battery life and keep snapping memories!

Olivia Deloian

Columbia Chicago '20

My name is Olivia Deloian and I'm a journalism major at Columbia College Chicago with a focus in News and Features. I'll be graduating in May! I'm currently a production intern with ABC 7's show Windy City Live! A former intern with ABC 7's Consumer I-Team, and NBC 5 Chicago's Investigative Team. I'm also a former staff reporter and editorial leader at the Columbia Chronicle. I have a passion for writing and telling important stories. I'm a self-proclaimed fashionista, and I could spend all day talking about music and movies, and of course The Bachelor. Ask me what I'm listening to today. "Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness." -Lana Del Rey
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