Why I Hope “The Bold Type” Is Accurate on What It’s Like Working for a Fashion Magazine

The hit TV show starring three young women discovering themselves in New York City and their passion for working for a leading fashion magazine has gotten me more excited than ever to fulfill my journalism career dreams. You’re bound to relate to one, if not all of Jane, Sutton and Kat’s characters as they give us both a glamorized and not-so-glamorized look into the industry.

The real question is: How accurate are the storylines and details that make up the series’s self titled icon of a publication that is Scarlet magazine? My hope is: All of it.

Starting your first big-girl job can be extremely intimidating, but for these three girls, the stress of fitting in completely vanished with the help of their quickly formed friendship. They each have their own unique personality that works so perfectly together which makes their bond impossible to break.

Your connection with people at work can make or break your entire experience. In this case, they each look forward to going to the office because their best friends are there to keep them good company and go on coffee runs with, too.

The best part about their friendship is the fashion closet they can go in while on the clock whenever they need to gossip, laugh, cry, or all of the above. It’s the best therapy as there’s designer clothes and shoes all around the small room, along with their best friends a text away to be by their side.

It’s hard to imagine Anna Wintour ever taking a break and ranting about her daily struggles to her assistant behind closed doors. However if the walls could talk, those stories would be iconic to hear.

The Scarlet office is no stranger to romantic friendships either. Sutton helplessly falls in love with the company’s attorney, Richard Hunter. Although frowned upon within the company, especially HR, they keep coming right back to each other and eventually sway the staff that they just can’t stay away from each other.

Their love story might seem like one that just happens in movies, but we can’t lie that we’ve never dreamt of having a perfectly scripted romance within the office too.

Aside from exciting plots and people, the show never misses a chance for the magazine employees to attend a party in the heart of NYC, meet celebrities, or receive free products. They really get paid to take part in these things and are so fortunate for their positions, as any one of us would be.

Getting dressed up and posting pictures to promote Scarlet, while simultaneously showing off their look, is just another day for them.

We’d like to think their job is all picture perfect, but it takes getting into the business to realize the true ups and downs of it. I’ll hopefully soon learn for myself, with a little help from “The Bold Type.”