The Types of Male Profiles You See on Tinder

1. The One that Doesn’t Have a Picture

This can go one of two ways. If you come across a profile that doesn’t have a picture: A) Maybe they’re just shy and hope that you’ll swipe right on them, looks aren’t everything right? B) They’re stalking someone, and they don’t want the other person to know it’s them.

2. The One that’s Just Shirtless

I’m all for body positivity and posting a shirtless picture of yourself shows confidence; however, if you have three consecutive shirtless pictures I’m concerned if you even own a shirt. HAHA


3. The Gym Rat

Chances are if you come across the shirtless bro picture profile then they’re probably a gym rat. The type that puts something in their bio like, “looking for a girl to go to the gym with.”

4. The One that has Kids in their Profile

It can be endearing at times to see a picture of a guy smiling next to a 4-year-old, but if you’re not a kid person (like me) it’s an instant turn off.


5. The “Who are you in this group?” Profile

We’ve all seen this profile while swiping through, it’s a group of about 3-4 guys all wearing the same outfit just in different colors and you’re staring at this profile hoping it’s the cute one on the far left.

6. The No Bio

Super sketchy if you don’t have anything written in your bio. This profile has pictures of them but how do you gauge their personality just off of that? I don’t judge though, I met my man on Tinder and all he had was an emoji of the Philippines flag in his bio.  

7.  The Hipster “Softboi” Bio

This guy is the heart retching hipster, most likely goes to art school, no one understands me, let me love you like I love my films, type of person. The super dramatic, but super stylish type of guy that you could write poetry under a tree is most likely the type of date he’ll ask you on if you end up messaging him.



8. The 4/20 Friendly Bio

It’s honestly a good heads up if they put that they like to drink or smoke in their bio. As a person who doesn’t really do much of either, it makes swiping through profiles a lot easier based on my tastes.

9.  The Self-Deprecating Bio

They list out all their flaws right off the bat, so it can only go up from there. It’s the, “maybe you could be the one to fix me,” type of guy. Most of these types of profiles are extremely funny and you don’t see them often so why not swipe right?


10. The Meme Profile

This person is literally just on Tinder to mess with people. Their pictures are of them from their worst angle, usually with some words around it and their bio makes absolutely no sense. Although, it does make you laugh as you scroll past it.


11. The “I’m just trying to make friends” or New to the Area Profile

It’s a nice refresher to see someone on Tinder who is just trying to make friends. They state that out so clearly. It can be hard to introduce yourself to people if you’ve just moved to a new area and utilizing Tinder to make friends in the area is not a bad idea. 


12. The Catfish

This person is just too good to be true. The guy in the pictures look like an Instagram model and it just looks so artificial. Someone call in Nev and Max from MTV Catfish. HAHA


13. The Three-Some

Every once in a while, you see a profile of a couple and their bio reads, “a couple looking for a +1 for the night” or something of that nature. Fair game, again, they’re just utilizing the app for different purposes.