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Two Days After the Final Rose…They’ve Already Broken Up

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Columbia Chicago chapter.

If you witnessed the absolute madness that occurred the night of the “After the Final Rose,” episode, it is no surprise that Madison Prew and Peter went their separate ways, but this soon? 

Let’s recap.

America watched in awe as Peter got down on one knee and asked Hannah Ann to marry him, only for moments later to watch in agony as he took that same gift away from her because he was still in love with the girl who left…Madison Prew. Also known as Barbara Weber’s enemy. 

The difference between Hannah Ann and Madi was clear, Hannah Ann was a better match for Peter while Madi was not. Their differences in lifestyle, beliefs, and ultimately the family’s lack of approval was evident, so I applauded her for leaving when she decided to. So…what changed? 

We all had our suspicions that Peter was still in love with Madi, and based on how early in the episode Peter proposed, I knew something wicked was lingering just moments away. And then, he broke it off. 

Barbara basically disowned her own son on live television, as she rolled her eyes in disapproval, clapped at Hannah Ann’s responses to her teary-eyed son, and explained why she thought Madison was a bad person to her face. Peter basically just sat there, not really defending Madi other than shyly telling his family to stop just once, after she asked him to say something. 

My thoughts the entire time? This is never going to work. 

In Barb’s defense, she did say Madi made them wait for three hours, told her she was not in love with her son, and would not accept a proposal so I can understand her concerns regardless of how far she took them. Instead of Madi accepting what Barb said with a grain of salt to try and move forward, she continually defended herself which certainly did not make matters any better. 

So again, what changed? The answer to that in Madison’s case, I’m certain I will never know. 

Peter on the other hand, simply loves the chase. It’s what has done him wrong all season, and evidently what caused this outcome. So once he finally got what he wanted, the blinders were taken off at the realization, oh yes, this is not going to work. 

 Overall, all of the odds were against them. Peter lives with his family, he goes out, he drinks, he has sex before marriage, and he certainly would not choose Madi over his mother. I have to be honest, I thought that they would’ve fought just a little longer to try and prove everyone wrong, but just 48 hours after its premiere, they both posted on Instagram that they decided to go their separate ways.

It’s really unfortunate that Peter broke up an engagement to pursue a relationship that basically lasted a whole three seconds. Peter honey, you clearly have some soul searching to do. 

And then there were none. 

Olivia Deloian

Columbia Chicago '20

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