Trader Joe's Vegetarian Haul

Being a vegetarian can sometimes be difficult when it comes to grocery shopping because it’s important to find meals that fill you up and give you the nutrients you need. This is when I experienced just how effective Trader Joe’s is as they turned a difficult task into an enjoyable one.

Unlike most generic grocery stores, they don’t just offer frozen imitation meat made out of soy. The taste of it can get bland after eating it for so many years, which is why Trader Joe’s selection keeps your taste buds interested and wanting more. They have endless pre-made concoctions in multiple different ethnic cuisines and almost every meat-based meal has a vegetarian version right next to it.

It’s one of the most convenient stores, too, because the vegetarian options are extremely affordable as they’re priced reasonably. I also mainly focus on items that are quick and easy to prepare for when I don’t have all the time to cook something elaborate from scratch. Everything I’ve picked below does just that.

I just went to Trader Joe’s to do my weekly grocery shopping and got a delicious variety of food. Here’s what I bought and what you should try, too:

  1. 1. Vegan Tikka Masala

    This Indian dish really came to the rescue with all the flavor it has. The curry sauce overpowers the food with the perfect amount of spiciness. The chunks of tofu resemble chewy pieces of chicken exactly, not being too dry at all. It’s all served over cumin rice, completing the meal with different textures and giving you the protein and potassium you need.

  2. 2. Organic Pesto Tortellini

    This Italian concoction is more than just your average boiled noodles with marinara sauce. These ring-shaped grains are smooth on the outside, but filled with ricotta cheese on the inside. A sweet, yet savory basil pesto is mixed all throughout. Although it’s ready after just five minutes in the microwave, it still tastes as fresh as your home-cooked spaghetti.

  3. 3. Organic Vegetarian Chili

    I always stock up on these when it starts becoming soup season. It’s so hard finding meatless chili, but Trader Joe’s has their own that I can always count on to be available. The best part is that they replace the beef with small bites of tofu, so it still has all the main elements. As one of my favorite comfort foods, throw some shredded cheese and diced avocado on top for a tasty fall feast.

  4. 4. Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole

    This is my absolute favorite snack, and even if it’s not yours, this version is about to be. The usual sour cream base is replaced with greek yogurt, giving it a sour kick I never knew I needed with my chips (the ones with a hint of lime, of course). It also still has an enjoyable consistency with chunks of onion and tomato throughout the smooth avocado whip. You’ll feel less guilty, hence the name, munching on it all day.

  5. 5. Everything Bagel with Onion Chive Cream Cheese Spread

    My breakfast is definitely the most important meal of my day because it’s the fuel for everything I need to get done. I’ve found that a toasted bagel compliments my morning iced coffee perfectly. These everything bagels are the only ones I’ll buy from a grocery store because they still taste like out of a bakery. Their cream cheese is thicker than most brands so it doesn’t make the bread soggy. The onion chive flavor is a great option for a salty touch on top.